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16A Quick Problem.. Honest !

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  • Will Moverley
    Oct 22, 1999
      Hi, i have a Problem,

      I installed Linux Mandrake 6.0 about a month ago, and im Very Very pleased
      with it, i had no problems with the install, or anything, it was all going
      Smooothley.. Except for one thing.. When i had finished using the machine,
      and wanted to reboot/shutdown the machine, i was using the "halt" command,
      is this right ?, because all i kept getting was an error at the end of the
      reboot saying that the system could'nt unmount the dirve.. This caused the
      machine to force a check when i booted back in, which went ok, but was
      anoying... Then the other day, it failed on the Check.. and asked me to
      manually fun "fsck" do i did, i ran "fskc /dev/hda5" ( hda5 being my linux
      partition) this came up with LOTS of stuff that i just said Yes too, and
      thats was it, the machine went all messed up, i couldnt start x, i wouldnt
      do anything, the HTTP Service failed on boot, it was taking AGES to get past
      Sendmail, and INND.. and when i say ages im talking, 30mins to boot the
      Machine, so i guessed i needed to reinstall Linux, which isnt to bad, as i
      had alot of practice with this when i installed it last time !!

      So i popped my CD in, rebooted the PC, and made my Machine boot from CDrom,
      which was fine... i started off the install by Removing the old partition
      hda5, then adding it again, and formating and checking it for Errors.. that
      was fine, the i asked Mandrake to install Everything... and that was fine...

      But, even though its a NEW install, and Drives Have been formated... the
      system STILL errors on HTTP, and Still takes 30mins to get past Sendmail,
      and INND, and a few other services.. this is WELL anoying.. and im so
      confused why there are the exact same problems with the startup of the
      system.. Even though i can now get into X ok...

      Any ideas.... ??

      Sorry for the Length of this Message.. but any help is Much Appreciated..

      Will Moverley
      Support Analyst
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