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15622Re: Selective portion of a file

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  • Cameron Simpson
    Jul 1 6:32 PM
      On 11:13 01 Jul 2003, p_s_rathi <p_s_rathi@...> wrote:
      | Yeah thats true,
      | but it will display all occurences of particular string in file.
      | Is it possible to display whole function's code(suppose the code of
      | main() in .c file)? any command for that?or any good editor which
      | will save time for it.

      Well, if you know a little about your code formatting convention you can

      sed -n '/^main(/,/^}/p' foo.c

      which assumes "main(" will be at the start of a line and that the next
      closing } which is also at the start of a line is the end of the function.

      In general:

      sed -n '/starting-marker/,/ending-marker/p' filename...

      will do what you ask. You just have to pick suitable starting-marker and
      ending-marker patterns.

      Extremely handy. Cheers,
      Cameron Simpson <cs@...> DoD#743

      Thus spake Kalmoth the Avenger, Kinsman of the Slain:
      "DISCLAIMER: I speak for no one who lives."
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