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3593File - Linkedin Malaysia Micro-Introduction

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  • LINKEDINMALAYSIA@yahoogroups.com
    Oct 31
      We're all busy.

      Thus, we have little time to write full-fledged introductions that cover everything about us.

      Nor do we have time to read tons upon tons of detailed, lengthy introductions.
      At the same time, we have to at least start the process of introducing ourselves or we won't maximize our opportunity to earn via Linkedin. So, here's an idea: Linkedin Malaysia Micro-Introductions. If you want to expand your network a bit, you can use the Linkedin Malaysia Micro-Introduction to introduce yourself to fellow members by sending it via email to LinkedinMalaysia@...

      For example:

      Linkedin Malaysia Micro-Introduction

      I just recently joined the Linkedin Malaysia executive forum.

      My name is ________________. I am a _______ and I specialize in _______

      For entertainment/fun/relaxation, I enjoy_______ I am open to meeting people who______

      To find out more about me and my work, visit my Linkedin profile at:

      If you think we might be able to benefit each other, please feel free to introduce yourself to me by telling me about yourself along the same lines of this Linkedin Malaysia Micro-Introduction.

      I look forward to networking and prospering with you, soon.

      If the above Linkedin Malaysia Micro-Introduction can work for you, I encourage you to use it freely and to modify it as needed to help you strengthen your network/networking.

      Don't forget to include the link to your Linkedin profile!


      Fred Plimley
      Host, Linkedin Malaysia
      President, DK Malaysia Development
      (213) 254-5192
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