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24245GRMON2 LEON eval version "Unknown JTAG device id" problem

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  • ziksable
    Aug 28, 2014
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      Hi guys, 

      I'm trying to connect to Leon3 through FTDI JTAG using the grmon2 evaluation version (on win7 32bit). And i get the unknown jtag device error. Is it something related to the "eval-version" ? I have all the divers installed.   

      C:\grmon-eval-2.0.55r2\win32\bin>grmon.exe -d2xx

      GRMON2 LEON debug monitor v2.0.55r2 eval version

        Copyright (C) 2014 Aeroflex Gaisler - All rights reserved.

        For latest updates, go to http://www.gaisler.com/

        Comments or bug-reports to support@...

        This eval version will expire on 28/01/2015

       Unknown JTAG device id = 00712649

       JTAG chain (1):

       JTAG Debug Interface not found.

      Exiting GRMON

      Thank you, 


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