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24235Re: [LEON_SPARC] GRMON as Library

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  • Alexis Jeandet
    Aug 24, 2014
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      Hello Bruno,

      We had almost the same needs in my lab, we wrote our tool (https://hephaistos.lpp.polytechnique.fr/redmine/projects/socexplorer/wiki). I would say that if you plan to write your own software and you don't need very high speed connection the AHB UART is the easiest way to access to your soc, I'm not really sure the xilinx usb cable is an easy option.

      best regards,
      Le 23/08/2014 12:20, bruno.green@... [LEON_SPARC] a écrit :

      Thanks for the response, but I'd like to call GRMON from another application, and not use tcl. 

      Would it be too hard for me to implement a simpler version of GRMON using jtag as the debug link (xilinx usb cable)?

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