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24072TSIM2 annotated coverage information

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  • juanperezdms
    Jul 9, 2014

      I'm trying to get code coverage analysis from TSIM2-LEON2, but I'm unable to get the coverage information annotated to the source code as explained in the documentation.

      I'm trying with simple test files, and compiling with the -gstabs option. The sparc-rtems-objdump is available in the execution path. After enabling coverage, loading and running the executable, I try the following command from TSIM:

      coverage gcc example example.c

      But I get the following result:

      example: .stab: stab entry 551 is corrupt, strx = 0x122800, type = 195
      coverage for example.c:   0.0 %

      If I try compiling the executable with the option -g instead of -gstabs, I do not get the "stab entry corrupt" message, but the coverage is still empty. The versions of the tools I'm using are:

      RCC-1.2.4. RTEMS-4.10, GCC 4.4.6
      TSIM 2.0.32

      Could you help me please? Thanks in advance.