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24071Error in the example program RTEMS-spi-sdcard.c

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  • Good Fried Panggabean
    Jul 9, 2014

      I tried to execute the example program rtems-spi-sdcard.c which come with RTEMS-4.10. I can compile but when run on the board there is an following error:

      grmon2> run
      ******** Initializing SPICTRL SD-CARD test ********
      Registering SPI SD-CARD driver: sd_card_send_command: Error: Timeout
      sd_card_send_command: Error: Response: ff:ff 4d:ff 00:ff 00:ff 00:ff 00:ff 95:ff
       ff:ff ff:ff ff:ff ff:ff ff:ff ff:ff ff:ff ff:ff ff:ff ff:ff ff:[ff]
      sd_card_send_command: Error: Timeout
      sd_card_send_command: Error: Response: ff:ff 40:ff 00:ff 00:ff 00:ff 00:ff 95:ff
       ff:ff ff:ff ff:ff ff:ff ff:ff ff:ff ff:ff ff:ff ff:ff ff:ff ff:[ff]
      sd_card_init: Error: RV = -27: Send: SD_CARD_CMD_GO_IDLE_STATE
      sd_card_disk_init: Error: SC = 27: Initialize SD Card
      sd_card_register: Error: SC = 27: Register disk SD Card driver
      registered successfully
      Initializing IDE partion table: ERROR: Could not create partion table (25)

        Program exited normally.

      I try to run the rtems-spi-sdcard on Altera Cyclone-IV DE2-115 board with the following
      grmon2> info sys
        cpu0      Aeroflex Gaisler  LEON3 SPARC V8 Processor
                  AHB Master 0
        ahbuart0  Aeroflex Gaisler  AHB Debug UART
                  AHB Master 1
                  APB: 80000700 - 80000800
                  Baudrate 115200, AHB frequency 50.00 MHz
        ahbjtag0  Aeroflex Gaisler  JTAG Debug Link
                  AHB Master 2
        greth0    Aeroflex Gaisler  GR Ethernet MAC
                  AHB Master 3
                  APB: 80000E00 - 80000F00
                  IRQ: 12
                  edcl ip, buffer 2 kbyte
        mctrl0    European Space Agency  LEON2 Memory Controller
                  AHB: 00000000 - 20000000
                  AHB: 40000000 - 80000000
                  APB: 80000000 - 80000100
                  8-bit prom @ 0x00000000
                  32-bit sdram: 1 * 128 Mbyte @ 0x40000000
                  col 10, cas 2, ref 7.8 us
        apbmst0   Aeroflex Gaisler  AHB/APB Bridge
                  AHB: 80000000 - 80100000
        dsu0      Aeroflex Gaisler  LEON3 Debug Support Unit
                  AHB: 90000000 - A0000000
                  AHB trace: 128 lines, 32-bit bus
                  CPU0:  win 8, hwbp 2, itrace 128, V8 mul/div, srmmu, lddel 1
                         stack pointer 0x47fffff0
                         icache 4 * 4 kB, 32 B/line lru
                         dcache 4 * 4 kB, 16 B/line lru
        uart0     Aeroflex Gaisler  Generic UART
                  APB: 80000100 - 80000200
                  IRQ: 2
                  Baudrate 38343
        irqmp0    Aeroflex Gaisler  Multi-processor Interrupt Ctrl.
                  APB: 80000200 - 80000300
        gptimer0  Aeroflex Gaisler  Modular Timer Unit
                  APB: 80000300 - 80000400
                  IRQ: 8
                  16-bit scalar, 2 * 32-bit timers, divisor 50
        gpio0     Aeroflex Gaisler  General Purpose I/O port
                  APB: 80000900 - 80000A00
        spi0      Aeroflex Gaisler  SPI Controller
                  APB: 80000A00 - 80000B00
                  IRQ: 10
                  FIFO depth: 4, 1 slave select signals
                  Maximum word length: 32 bits
                  Supports 3-wire mode
                  Controller index for use in GRMON: 0
        ahbstat0  Aeroflex Gaisler  AHB Status Register
                  APB: 80000F00 - 80001000
                  IRQ: 1

      I am grateful for any suggestions.

      -Best regards,