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889Flyers for our 2013 Neighborhood Picnic

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  • Nathan Hartley
    Jun 25, 2013
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    My wife and I have made a simple flyer to hand out for the Neighborhood Picnic.

    I will start passing them out to all of the houses west of Seaway, off of Glenburne, Courtland and Balmoral.

    If you would like to help pass them out, please reply to this email letting us all know what area you plan to cover.

    As far as getting copies of the flyer; there is one attached to this email, the PDF (and the original) can be found at the bottom of http://www.lansingeaton.org/ , here is a direct link and, if we ask nice, I bet Richard would be happy to run us off any copies we might need.

    See you at the picnic!