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Re: Is there a site for cancer patients & LDN??

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  • Daniel J
    ... Hi Gayle, Here are a couple of sites which may be helpful. I was on Bill Peeples protocol for two years and remained in remission. Last September I
    Message 1 of 6 , Mar 6, 2007
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      > > Hi Gayle, I take LDN for two reasons, one of which is for cancer. I
      > have
      > > had bladder cancer and most likely have prostate cancer. Hopefully
      > the LDN
      > > will help reduce or prevent either one or both cancers for me. I
      > have been
      > > taking LDN for over a year and so far, recent bladder cancer tests
      > have been
      > > negative. If you find a web site for LDN and cancer patients,
      > please let me
      > > know and I will do the same. Best wishes, Sam.
      > >
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      Hi Gayle,

      Here are a couple of sites which may be helpful.

      I was on Bill Peeples protocol for two years and remained in
      remission. Last September I wrongfully decided to stop treatment as I
      was feeling well and my CTs were coming back clean.

      What a mistake that was. Within 2 or three months the damned cancer
      returned and now I'm in a real pickle. Please visit his site and see
      if there's anything there that you think might work for you.

      When Bill's wife was dxed, his onc have her 4 months to live.Bill did
      intensive research and came up with this cocktail. 15 years later, his
      wife is still alive.

      He is a very easy guy to talk to and very knowledgeable. I'm pretty
      sure you'll find his conclusions helpful to you. And to get started
      might cost around one hundred dollars for supplies, but after that it
      only cost me about $40 - $50.00/month. While I was on the protocol I
      had blood work done almost every week and they all came back looking good.

      All the indicators showed that there was no new growth and, in fact
      most showed stability and shrinkage.

      I hope this works for you.

      Please let me know what you think.






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      > > Subject: Re: [LDN_Users] Is there a site for cancer patients & LDN??
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      > >
      > > > Wondering if there is a specific LDN site for users who have
      > > > This
      > > > site is mostly MS, and it would be very helpful to be in touch
      > with other
      > > > cancer patients who have had or not had LDN success.
      > > >
      > > > Just Asking,
      > > > Gayle
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      > >Hi Gayle and Sam,
      > I, too am using LDN to fight a very rare cancer. It's a sarcoma called
      > leiomyosarcoma. I've just been dx w/a 9cm met located retroperitanealy
      > and is eating into my liver, stomach and colon. The tumor board at
      > Hartford (CT) Hospital declined surgery for me, so I'm on gem/tax.
      > I've only had 2 infusions and I get my third of six in this cycle
      > tomorrow.
      > I'm also am going to return to a anecdotal protocol called Bill
      > Peeples' Cocktail which is a concoction of over the counter
      > supplements which brings about a state of anti-angeogenesis. Meaning
      > it stops new capilaries from forming which would actually cut off the
      > oxygen supply to tumors, leading to hypoxia and shrinkage to BB sized
      > growths which can be then treated as a chronic disease, like diabeties.
      > I was actually on this protocol for 2 years and all CTs came back
      > clear. I'm at the end of my rope and am going to spend every penny I
      > have to buy the goodies on line. I'm on SSDI with a very low fixed
      > income, but this is more important than money and me and my cat will
      > survive on Meals on Wheels if needed. Maybe it won't be that expensive
      > and I'll have money to pay the rent and buy food.
      > Oh: I also have MS and it's attendant fatigue, weakness, ataxia and
      > depression don't help much either.


      Here's another site tho it's not about LDN, it might offer you help
      coming from another direction.


      I used this site for two years and it put a halt to my cancer's
      progression. Then I foolishly stopped using it and 3 months later the
      damned cancer returned.

      Please look into it as it really does work.


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