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64887OFFER: Vintage Items and Miscellaneous Items

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  • svakgskd
    Feb 17, 2014
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      NOTE:  Be sure to read the paragraph below the listed items before you reply.


      I still have the following items available:


           - Eagle belt buckle (3-D chrome?)

           - Vintage "Dutch Girl Plaque" Ceramics Art Studio - Madison, WI

           - Luscinia Nightingale "Natura Viva" (nightingale bird on wood base) - Limited


           - "Precious Moments Through-the-Day Stories" (paperback book)

           - Vintage GEM Junior gold-plated shaver


      You MUST reply with which item(s) you would like, as well as the date and specific time you can pick up…for example, Saturday, February 22nd, noon to 1 p.m.  If I do not contact you, it is because you either did not provide specific information, or the item(s) are pending pickup. If I do contact you, I will provide my street address when confirming pickup date and time.

      I don't mean to be difficult, but it keeps things simple if you send me one email and I send you one email back rather than going back and forth with various messages about whether items are still available and what time can they be picked up.