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64872OFFER: Some Vintage Items/Some Miscellaneous Items (Sheffield Lake)

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  • svakgskd
    Feb 14, 2014
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      NOTE:  Be sure to read the paragraph below the listed items BEFORE you reply. Of the 13 people who have responded to my 2 previous posts, only 1 person followed directions and will be getting the items she requested.


      I have the following to offer:

           - Brownie 8 mm movie camera

           - Minolta XL-401/601 movie camera

           - Kodak Easy Load 35 mm camera

           - "Precious Moments Through-the-Day Stories" (paperback book)

           - GEM Junior gold-plated shaver

           - 3-D chrome(?) eagle belt buckle

           - "Dutch Girl Plaque" Ceramics Art Studio - Madison, WI

           - Royal Copley Honey Bear vase (has rose-colored bow)
           - Luscinia Nightingale "Natura Viva" (bird on wood base) - Limited Edition

           - Small pocket knife (has a picture of what appears to be a mountain, the moon, a building, and some trees--possibly Alaska?--but has a small, 3/16-inch crack at the pin that joins the handle to the knife blade.

      You MUST reply with which item(s) you would like, as well as the date and specific time you can pick up…for example, Saturday, February 15th, noon to 1 p.m.  If I do not contact you, it is because you either did not provide specific information, or the item(s) are pending pickup. If I do contact you, I will provide my street address when confirming pickup date and time. Thanks!