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    e-mail NEWSLETTER VOLUME 5, NUMBER 5 DECEMBER 2003 / MARCH 2004 Dear food lovers, This is it the last month of the year, and, since I didn’t see 2003 go by,
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      Frenchys Bistro restaurant in Long Beach

      e-mail NEWSLETTER

      VOLUME 5, NUMBER 5 DECEMBER 2003 / MARCH 2004
      Dear food lovers,

      This is it the last month of the year, and, since I didn’t see 2003 go by, I must have had a lot of fun working!!! Actually I’m sure everyone is glad that this year is over; it hasn’t been a positive one with all the happenings, wars, wildfires, politics and a sad economy. At least we know one thing for sure – that 2004 will be a better year!! The economy is starting to show some signs of recovery and before you know it, we’ll be cruising again!! I am so glad to be in the business of hospitality: we make people happy; we make them feel good, relax, have a good time and forget all the rest. It is so rewarding when, at the end of a meal someone says, “You made my day!”

      Web Notes,

      Very important: If you wish to receive our E-Mail messages, go online at www.frenchysbistro.com and enter your E-Mail address (and even your friend’s addressees) to be notified of our special events. We don’t share this information with anyone so feel safe to do so. Of course, you can unsubscribe anytime you want. On the site you can look at all the menus including the New Year’s Eve menu.

      By the way, don’t forget to stop by at Zanzibar and check our new menu. We have some exciting new sand-wiches like a Provencal goat cheese, olives, and basil, or an Oriental Salad with shredded cabbage, chicken, and ginger dressing, or a French BLT: Brie, lettuce, tomato, or even a Texas barbeque beef and more…

      Happy Holidays and best wishes for health, success and good food from the whole family at Frenchy’s Bistro and Zanzibar

      Did You Know...

      Now let’s go over the latest food news. As you all have noticed, the prices on beef and veal have been skyrocketing. The reason is we can no longer get beef from Canada or anywhere else because of “mad cow disease.” The supplies are very limit-ed and the demand is the same. Expect those prices to keep rising over the next few months. I had to take the Veal Chop off the menu and I am considering doing the same for the Filet of Beef. It just doesn’t make sense anymore. On the other hand, Pork is becoming very fashionable. Famous chefs like Wolfgang Puck and others are promoting pork as “the other white meat.” Did you know that pork is raised differently these days, because the fat-conscious public spurred farmers to breed much lean-er? In fact, today’s pork has 31% less fat than 20 years ago. Unfortunately, in addition to being leaner, many argue that pork is also drier and less flavorful than ever before. I think overcooking is the largest contributor to pork’s reputation of being overly dry. When it comes to cooking pork chops, think pink. Contrary to popular belief, pork chops do not need to be incinerated in order to be safe to eat. Trichinosis, a parasite found in pork, is the “villain” responsible for this accepted practice of burning our pork chops. Thanks to more sanitary methods, this parasite dies at 137 degrees Fahrenheit (AKA medium pink inside)

      Holiday Tidings

      I hope you’ve enjoyed this little cooking class. Now, let’s now talk about the holidays. If you are running out ofideas for gifts, keep in mind that youcan purchase a Frenchy’s Bistro gift cer-tificate over the phone. We can mail it to you or to your friends. It’s quick and easy, and what a great opportunity for you to give someone you care about the gift of good life and good food! We will be open on Christmas Eve, Wednesday, the 24th. Make sure to reserve now for our traditional goose dinner and Yule log for dessert. Make sure to reserve early; it’s a popular night! Starting Wednesday, December 10th, we will have goose on special every day until Christmas and our “Buches de Noel” (Christmas Logs)will be available for take out. They will come with a choice of two flavors:Hazelnut or Grand Marnier, one serves about 10 people, and the cost is $25 each. For New Year’s Eve we will, as usual, have a five-course dinner for $85 per person, but if you come at the early sitting (5.30 pm to 6.30 pm) it’s only $75. In addition, this year we are offering the menu paired with wines for an additional $35. You’ll get one glass of wine with each course, plus a glass of Champagne to start for a total of 6 glasses, but that’s optional. You can, of course, order from our list as well, Cheers!.

      Calendar of Events
      Wednesday December 24th:
      Christmas Eve: Open
      Wednesday December 31st:
      New Year’s Eve: Reserve early!!!
      Wednesday January 28th:
      Chinese New Year celebration: Traditional Vietnamese TET dinner
      prepared by our Chef Cuong. Reception at 6.30 pm, Dinner 7 pm. $45
      Saturday February 14th:
      Valentine’s Day celebration. Several sittings
      available, 4 course dinner for $45
      Wednesday March 17th:
      Frenchy’s Bistro 8th Anniversary as a tradition
      we will have several French Guests Chefs for that night and they will sit and eat
      with you at your table You can gain valuable insight on recipes or your next trip to
      France. This is an elegant affair, which
      starts with Moet Chandon Reception and a five course meal paired with wines
      the cost is $100 all inclusive.
      Wednesday April 28th:
      wine dinner

      For reservations, please Contact us at 562-494-8787
      or Email us at
      Frenchys Bistro Restaurant & Wine Bar
      4137 East Anaheim Street, Long Beach, CA 90804


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