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Important post from LBAPN re: Gathering tonight

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  • Eugene E. Ruyle
    (Ed note: This is from LB Area Peace Network. Hopefully questions will be answered and concern addressed in a PEACEFUL manner! I am not a member of LBAPN or
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 30, 2002
      (Ed note: This is from LB Area Peace Network. Hopefully questions will be answered and concern addressed in a PEACEFUL manner! I am not a member of LBAPN or LBFNB (LB Food Not Bombs), however I am subscribed to their lists to get a better understanding of what they are about. TPS releases posts that have to do with local crime and personal safety - In a perfect world there is no crime, no violence, and everyone is treated equally. Will we ever get there? KaRi)

      This is to clarify our earlier emails on May Day. First, the
      demonstration will begin at 6:15 pm, not 7. The Police Chief’s forum
      will begin promptly at 7 pm. We want to be inside to ask questions. We
      understand that questions will need to be submitted in advance in
      writing, so we should have our questions already written out on 5x7
      cards beforehand. We expect that this will be a tightly controlled
      meeting. We need to recognize this and play by the rules. I have
      included the police web site’s notice of the forum at the end of this email.

      Secondly, LBAPN has always subscribed to the “Points of Unity” common
      within the Seattle anti-corporate movement. We ask that every who comes
      to our demonstration respect these principles and adhere to them during
      the demonstration. The “points of Unity” are listed below:


      Points of Unity

      We will use no violence, physical or verbal,
      towards any person.

      We consider speech or acts that are racist,
      homophobic, or sexist to be violent.

      We will carry no weapons.

      We will not bring or use any alcohol
      or illegal drugs.

      We will not destroy property.


      Take Back Mayday!

      Join the Long Beach Area Peace Network
      To Demonstrate At

      Long Beach Police Chief Lance’s Community Forum

      Wednesday, May 1st, 2002
      7:00 pm
      (demonstration starts at 6:15 pm)

      Lindbergh Middle School
      1022 E. Market Street
      Long Beach, CA 90805

      Give Us Back Our First Amendment Rights!
      Stop Police Brutality!
      Stop Unlawful Detention!
      Stop Racial Profiling!
      Stop Targeting Political Protesters!

      LBAPN will both demonstrate and participate in the forum.
      Please join us and share your grievances.

      For more information, contact: LBAPN@... or call
      Eugene Ruyle at (562) 438-6505 or
      Jen Flory at (562) 432-9655.
      Sharon Cotrell at (562) 433-7025

      >From North: Take 710 S. Exit Long Beach Blvd. South. Go Left (East) on
      Market Street. It is 5 blocks past Atlantic Blvd.
      >From South: Take 405 N to Atlantic Blvd. North. Pass Del Amo and turn
      Right (East) on Market Street.



      This is copied from the following web site:


      This information is preliminary and has not been completely verified. It
      is based in part on hearsay and is intended for early information use
      rather than being a formal investigative report. This information is
      available in an alternative format by request to Community Relations
      Division at (562) 570-7215.
      April 18, 2002


      Do you have a concern, complaint or a question for your chief of police?
      Long Beach Police Chief Jerome E. Lance will be hosting a community
      meeting at each of the four Police Divisions throughout the City of Long
      Beach. At these forums, community members will be able to ask the Chief
      questions about the police department, voice their concerns, and
      receive== direct feedback from Chief Lance and the Patrol Commander of
      that area.

      The focus of these meetings will be to identify each community's police
      needs and to develop plans to resolve each community's police-related
      issues. Chief Lance anticipates that this grass-roots approach to
      community policing will result in increased community involvement and
      the identification and resolution of local concerns.

      The North Patrol Division will host Chief Lance's next Community Forum
      at Lindbergh Middle School Auditorium, located at 1022 East Market
      Street, on Wednesday, May 1, 2002, at 7:00 p.m.

      Everyone is invited to attend this interactive community forum. We
      encourage you to bring your family, friends, and neighbors. Childcare
      will be provided and translation services will be provided in Spanish
      and Khmer. For further information, please contact Sergeant Kevin Coy of
      the Community Relations Division at (562) 570-7155 or Police Services
      Assistant Eric Sing at (562) 570-7102.

      OFFICER AT (562) 570-LBPD.

      RUYLE, Anthropology, Cal State Long Beach, Long Beach, CA 90840-1003
      (562) 985-5364 FAX: (562) 985-4379 http://www.csulb.edu/~eruyle/
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