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270052/8, Stand-up Comedy Tune-up: Comedy Profile and Riffing Classes

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  • nancytubbs
    Jan 31, 2014
      Comedy Orange presents:

      Stand-up Comedy Tune-up: Comedy Profile and Riffing Classes

      DATE/TIME: Sat, Feb 8, 1:00pm-5:00pm

      LOCATION: Sunset Beach Woman's Club, 16812 Bayview Drive, Huntington Beach

      COST: $50-$80.

      Are you a stand-up comedian looking to improve your performance skills? These two workshops will help you become more effective on stage and may even give you some new material! Comedy Profile gives you valuable information about how you come off on stage and Riffing will teach you how to turn around a "bad crowd!" Learn more here about these workshops offer: http://bit.ly/1ieQS2z!

      Gayla Johnson has been teaching stand-up comedy for over 15 years as part of Greg Dean's Stand-up Comedy Workshops, which are based in Santa Monica and London. Gayla also regularly performs at The Ontario Improv, The Melrose Improv and The Ice House. These classes presented by ComedyOrange.com.

      MORE INFO:
      Website: http://www.comedyorange.com
      Email: comedyorange@...
      Phone: 415-710-4020
      Contact: Melissa Gans

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