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Los Angeles RBA November 30, 2006

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  • Jon Fisher
    - RBA * California * Los Angeles RBA * November 30, 2006 * CALA0611.30 - Birds mentioned White-winged Scoter Black Scoter Bald Eagle ROCK SANDPIPER Ruff
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      - RBA
      * California
      * Los Angeles RBA
      * November 30, 2006
      * CALA0611.30

      - Birds mentioned

      White-winged Scoter
      Black Scoter
      Bald Eagle
      Thick-billed Kingbird
      Gray Flycatcher
      Varied Thrush
      Painted Redstart
      Summer Tanager
      White-throated Sparrow

      California Bird Records Committee:
      Report sightings on the rare bird report form:

      Hotline: Los Angeles Rare Bird Alert
      Telephone Number: (323) 874-1318
      E-mail reports to: JonF60@...
      Coverage: Los Angeles County, Ventura County.

      - Transcript

      This is the Los Angeles Rare Bird Alert for Thursday November 30, 2006.
      Please report sightings to Jon Fisher at 818-544-5009 or via e-mail to

      Several WHITE-WINGED SCOTERS (male and 2 females) and a BLACK SCOTER
      (female) were seen off Dockweiler State Beach in El Segundo on November 30.
      Scope the scoter flock from the Hyperion Overlook parking area or from the
      beach near Lifeguard Platform #58.

      The ROCK SANDPIPER on the jetties at the Ballona Creek mouth continued
      through November 25. Parking is at the end of Pacific on the south side of
      the Ballona Channel. Continue from here on foot to the jetties which will
      be on your left. The bird has been mainly on the south and middle jetty,
      often mingling with Surbirds and Black Turnstones.

      The RUFF just north of Willow Street on the LA River is still present. It
      was last reported on November 25.

      The THICK-BILLED KINGBIRD at Banning Park in Wilmington was seen through
      November 25.

      Single VARIED THRUSHES were at Ladera Park in Ladera Heights on November 25
      and at El Dorado Park in Long Beach in Area 2 on November 28. Also at El
      Dorado Park was a GRAY FLYCATCHER south of Snake Road and west of the

      A BALD EAGLE was seen flying over El Dorado Park in Long Beach on November
      30. Also present that same day was a SUMMER TANAGER in Area 3 on the west
      side of the north lake.

      The PAINTED REDSTART at Bonelli Regional Park in San Dimas continues near
      Restroom #8.

      Two WHITE-THROATED SPARROWS were at Sand Dune Park in Manhattan Beach from
      November 26-30. Both birds were in the south part of the park.

      This report is sponsored by the Los Angeles Audubon Society.

      - end transcript

      Jon L Fisher
      Glendale, CA


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