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Pasadena Audubon trip results from Throop Peak

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  • Lance Benner
    Hi Everyone, Yesterday was Pasadena Audubon s annual San Gabriel Mountains hike from Dawson Saddle to Throop Peak. The trail is about 5 miles round trip, it
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2012
      Hi Everyone,

      Yesterday was Pasadena Audubon's annual San Gabriel Mountains hike from
      Dawson Saddle to Throop Peak. The trail is about 5 miles round trip, it
      starts at an elevation of 7900 feet, and it tops out at 9138 feet. We
      found 32 species including many high-altitude specialties such as
      Williamson's sapsucker, red-breasted sapsucker, white-headed woodpecker,
      dusky flycatcher, olive-sided flycatcher, Cassin's finch, Townsend's
      solitaire, green-tailed towhee, and Clark's nutcracker. The complete
      species list from eBird is below, courtesy of Ron Cyger, who kindly
      tallied everything as we went along.

      The most notable species were a male Wilson's warbler found by John
      Rodgers at Dawson Saddle and a golden eagle that we saw fly by at the
      saddle as the trip began. Wilson's warbler is a rather local species in
      the San Gabriels at this time of year and often occurs in willows near

      After the trip ended, several of us saw the golden eagle again perched
      on a dead tree above the Angeles Crest Highway roughly a mile west of
      Dawson Saddle. This was in the same area where Kathi Ellsworth and I
      saw one on June 15, so it may have been the same bird.

      During the hike we saw and heard a lot of fledglings: two very young
      western bluebirds, loads of begging pygmy nuthatches and mountain
      chickadees, some hatch-year male Williamson's sapsuckers, and some
      fledgling solitaires. We also found one very active Williamson's
      sapsucker nest with some loud chicks inside. It was in a lodgepole pine
      at an elevation of 8900 feet about 1/4 mile west of the junction with
      the Pacific Crest Trail. Kathi Ellsworth, Darren Dowell, and I hiked
      this route three weeks ao and found three sapsucker nests, but by
      yesterday two of them were empty.

      At the end of the trip a question arose about a gnarly tree at the
      junction between the Dawson Saddle Trail and the Pacific Crest Trail.
      Kathi and I checked my pictures last night and concluded that it was, in
      fact, a limber pine.



      Lance Benner
      Altadena, CA

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      Angeles NF--Throop Peak Trail, Los Angeles, US-CA
      Jun 30, 2012 7:56 AM - 1:33 PM
      Protocol: Traveling
      5.0 mile(s)
      Comments: Pasadena Audubon Society field trip <br>Submitted from
      BirdLog NA for iOS, version 1.4.4
      32 species

      Mountain Quail 1
      Red-tailed Hawk 1
      Golden Eagle 1
      Band-tailed Pigeon 3
      Anna's Hummingbird 3
      Williamson's Sapsucker 12
      Red-breasted Sapsucker 3
      Hairy Woodpecker 4
      White-headed Woodpecker 4
      Northern Flicker 3
      Olive-sided Flycatcher 2
      Western Wood-Pewee 6
      Dusky Flycatcher 4
      Clark's Nutcracker 7
      Common Raven 2
      Violet-green Swallow 24
      Mountain Chickadee 30
      White-breasted Nuthatch 2
      Pygmy Nuthatch 42
      Brown Creeper 1
      House Wren 2
      Western Bluebird 11
      Townsend's Solitaire 7
      Yellow-rumped Warbler 19
      Wilson's Warbler 1
      Green-tailed Towhee 2
      Fox Sparrow 10
      Dark-eyed Junco 12
      Western Tanager 1
      Purple Finch 2
      Cassin's Finch 6
      Pine Siskin 1

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