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  • iwoldman
    Apr 16, 2014
      Malibu Lagoon this morning had a different mix of gulls & terns.
      Approximately 700 Elegant Terns were noisily, flying around and resting
      on 3 separate islands in the lagoon, those lands were close to the
      beach. Interspersed were about 35-40 each of Royal and Caspian Terns-
      all in full breeding plumage.
      My thoughts were that these Elegant Terns may attempt to breed on those
      isolated lands in the lagoon this year, as these lands hold little
      access by humans without difficulty. Many were doing courtship necking
      & dancing, while a couple were actually copulating. We should all keep
      an eye out for breeding there. To my knowledge, there has never been
      any breeding Elegant Terns at this lagoon.
      Gulls were down in number. Tha majority were the expected Westerns, but
      there were several California, two each of Herring and Glaucous-winged
      and a dozen or so Herrmann's. No Ring-billed wre noted. About 30
      Bonaparte';s were in the lagoon mixed with the terns and along the
      beach near the water snatching insects from the air.
      Shorebirds were limited to the big three (Willet, Whimbrel & Marbled
      Godwit) with just 4 Western Sandpipers.
      Most of the winter ducks have left with only 2 American Widgeon and one
      female Red-breasted Merganser noted.
      Both Double-crested & Brandt Cormorants were moving in small flocks
      north offshore, but no Loons or Scoters were seen.
      That's my story for today.

      Irwin Woldman
      Studio City