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15792Blue Grosbeak arrival

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  • Kimball Garrett
    Apr 15, 2014



      A male Blue Grosbeak at Hansen Dam this morning (15 April) was my first for the season; it was just north of the main lake, at the sw. corner of the athletic fields and the mulefat patch sw. of the batting cages.  An earlier bird was found by Jon Feenstra on the San Gabriel River on 11 April, and there are several others reported in eBird 10-11 April in other southern California counties.  This species arrives pretty punctually around the middle of April.  Just for comparison, arrival dates for Hansen Dam the past 10 years are:

                      2013: 18 April

                      2012: 21 April

                      2011: 17 April

                      2010: 15 April

                      2009: 25 April

                      2008: 19 April

                      2007: 21 April

                      2006: 25 April

                      2005: 24 April

                      2004: 18 April




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