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15788Moonwatch from the Angeles Crest

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  • Nick Freeman
    Apr 15, 2014
      Hi Birders

      Last night, Doug Martin and I set out on a quickie owl prowl to determine if Flammulated Owls have returned to the local mountains since Arizona has just reported their arrival. We tried all the best known areas and habitats for Flams chiefly between 6' and 7'K in elevation, negative. In the 14 years of owl surveys, we have found the Flammulateds arriving late April though I was told of an observation around mid-April. It almost seems Arizona reports these owls two weeks prior to when Nick and I have April detections. We found at least one WESTERN SCREECH and two GREAT HORNED OWLS and a very active adult NORTHERN SAW-WHET OWL. The full moon was gorgeous and as we watched the eclipse start up around 11pm, the mountains once cloaked in dazzling moonshine then became diffused. We listened for passerine calls and heard none but a few COMMON POORWILL (even with a temperature reading of the low 40s!) who were active at these elevations. On the way down, we were very lucky to have witnessed the full lunar eclipse take place. There was a lot of car traffic on the Crest!!

      Happy Birding!

      Mary Freeman
      Glendale, CA