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15214AV - Ferruginous Hawks & Merlin

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  • Wanda
    Nov 25, 2013
      In Antelope Valley today, four of us saw 3 FERRUGINOUS HAWKS on or near
      110th St. East between Ave. I & Ave K. Also a MERLIN on Ave. I
      about 1/2
      way between I and J perched in trees on the east side. We did NOT
      find the
      Mt. PLOVER any where in that area, tho large numbers of HORNED LARKS
      and PIPITS.

      A RED-NAPED SAPSUCKER was at St. Andrews Priory in the trees outside
      the bungalows on the west side of the main road, where the public is
      not allowed.
      There are bird feeders at the southeast corner of this housing unit
      which was drawing lots of JUNCOS & WHITE-CROWNS with a large flock of
      CALIFORNIA QUAIL running
      around on the roof-tops, peeking over the edges and having a good
      time before feeding there.

      Wanda Dameron
      West San Fernando Valley
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