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15205RE: Re: [LACoBirds] Harbor Park continuing Rusty Blackbird and American Redstart

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  • dan_cooper_90042
    Nov 25, 2013


      Maybe it's just me, but that first bird (from 11/24) looks like a pretty normal (female) Brewer's Blackbird. I'm not seeing much of the orangey tones of a Rusty. Bill looks stout too, better for Brewer's. Was that bird calling? And are there any photos that show more of the bird? I'm willing to be wrong on this, and know that I'm fooled at least once a fall by "rusty" Brewer's...

      [Brings up a good point that these photos, and other documentation, are really important for figuring out last dates of these rarities that lots of people are chasing and ticking and the actual number involved. First dates are usually a lot clearer. Dave Pereksta recently had a good little article in the Ventura Audubon Dec. newsletter about this situation which he terms the "Laguna Road effect".]

      Dan Cooper

      Ventura Co.

      ---In LACoBirds@yahoogroups.com, <avitropic@...> wrote:

      This bird (despite my earlier doubts!) appears to be a different bird from the one sighted a few weeks ago. The one being seen now is a female and the one earlier was a male. I posted some excellent photos taken by Gregg Gentry for comparison.

      In addition to the American Redstart, the Tropical Kingbird and Hermit Warbler continue, roughly all in the same areas mentioned by Jon. There are 2 White-tailed Kites in the southwestern fields near Anaheim St., and Ed Griffin tells me he saw 31 snipes today-a new park record, as far as I know! All of these birds are ones we hope will stick around for the CBC, so please leave them a bit of space (as I know you all would anyway!)
      Martin Byhower


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