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15200Harbor Park continuing Rusty Blackbird and American Redstart

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  • Jon Fisher
    Nov 24, 2013

      hello LA Co birders,
      24 Nov 2013
      For anyone still interested in seeing it, the Rusty Blackbird continued this morning at Harbor Park in Harbor City.  It was foraging on the exposed patches of mud at the extreme southwest corner of the lake alongside the coots and Wilson's Snipe.  Google Earth coordinates are  33.782809,-118.294465
      I was able to see it from the spot where the reeds and other vegetation have been cut down a short distance southeast of where you leave the paved pathway to walk to the dam.  From here you have a clear view of the lake. 
      Also still present was the American Redstart, very active in the lakeshore willows immediately south of the Vermont drain.
      Jon Fisher
      Glendale, CA
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