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Re: [KL] K2vx scsi termination

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  • Roger J
    You only terminate one end of the bus if it s total length is 18 or less.   Over 18 both ends and if over 6 both ends and possible the middle too.  But
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 19, 2013
      You only terminate one end of the bus if it's total length is 18" or less.   Over 18" both ends and if over 6' both ends and possible the middle too.  But rule 7, as I recall was, "When all a else fails, and you break a rule to make it work, then that is Okay!" 


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      >Sent: Tuesday, March 19, 2013 3:10 PM
      >Subject: [KL] K2vx scsi termination

      >hi, I successfully installed a scsi cf card device internally on my K2vx and it works perfectly. I did't remove the termination resistors on the k2vx board, and the scsi cf device is also terminated. So I have two terminators on the chain. So far I thought about SCSI termination (experience from old macs-ataris-amigas) that is either working or not working situation, ie you have it right and your system works, else the system simply doesn't work. But the other day I came across a text on the kurzweil site entitled "Basic SCSI Guidelines": http://kurzweil.com/knowledgebase/k2600r/disk_mode_drives_and_scsi/23/ ,where it says : "Having more than two terminators on the bus will overload the bus drivers. This will not cause permanent damage to the hardware. However, poor termination can corrupt the data on your disk". So I am a bit confused about the above because I have a perfectly working setup right now, have you ever heard before about "overloading the
      bus drivers" is it technically correct what kurzweil says here?

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