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selecting mod wheel for controller Hi! Concerning the patch “Keith’s Revenge,” is there any way at all to make the mod wheel of my K2500X control the rotary effect created by KDFX? Turn
Warren Hartman
Apr 16
Selling my MARK 10 Ensemble Grand! Folks: I am moving and will not have room for this piano. Everything works on it except the start button for the percussion. Roger told me how to have that
Apr 15
Re: Kurzweil PC3 volume fader replacement Google ALPS RESISTOR SLIDER 10K LINEAR 45mm,  or order from Kurzweil part number 6110100460 The shaft lengh is not listed in the PC3 MANUAL, so you will have
Roger J
Apr 15
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Kurzweil PC3 volume fader replacement Hi, I need to replace a volume fader in my PC3. I know it's being made by Alpha. Which part is it exactly? Thanks in advance.
Apr 15
Kurzweil K2500piano rom daughterboard, orchestral rom, contemporary I have the daughterboard, orchestral ro mand contemporary rom available. I am open to offers Of note, the roms are useable in the K2000 and K2600 as well so if
Apr 13
New owner PC3LE7 - Power up sounds issue HI everyone, new to the list and new to Kurz ownership! I purchased a used LE7 and it works as expected, except when I power it up and it comes up in program
Apr 12
PC3K How to disable transpose on a setup zone? Hello, I’m using a setup with Zone 6 as drums (649 H-FACT KIT). How do you disable the transpose on an individual zone (6 in this case) so the assigned
Apr 11
Re: Probable output problems with my K2000 All 6 outputs have a transistor across the outputs to reduce turn on pops. The headphone jack is indirectly muted.  They are J-FETs(J109).  When they have a
Roger J
Apr 9
Re: Probable output problems with my K2000 Hi It is the 2 transistors angainst « pop » when you turn off your K2000 ! This 2 pieces are dead You can put out this 2 pieces inside and near the out put
Apr 8
Re: Probable output problems with my K2000 Thank you for the information. As long as it does not cause any harm, I will continue to use the headphone output instead of the MIX outs.... Grace, Harry
Apr 8
Re: Probable output problems with my K2000 The headphones have an addition low impedance amp to drive headphones.  All should be well as long as the mix is clean and not clipped. On Monday, April 7,
Roger J
Apr 7
Probable output problems with my K2000 Hello, I recently acquired a K2000 V3 with sampling (16mb) and Orchestral ROM. It has OS 3.54 and I've noticed that when I use the Mix L+R Outputs, they are
Apr 7
PC3LE Leslie FX Hi. I'm trying to add a Leslie effect to a non-organ sound. In this case program #78 Crystal Voices. While it is simple enough to go into the FX and change
Steve Worley
Apr 5
Re: K2000 noisy cooling fan Thanks Dan, The stock fan is connected to the 12V digital and 5V digital supplies.  This is the same voltages used for a hard drive.  The red fan lead is 12V
Roger J
Apr 5
Re: K2000 noisy cooling fan Hi Roger, I didn't measure the voltage from the Kurzweil fan supply leads, so if it's only supplying 7 volts, well... The reason I didn't even think to measure
Apr 5
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Re: Kurzweil K2000 K2500 parts and keys and ram and sample options Hi I have all of the parts for the kurzweil k2000 and k2500 including sample options and all keys Please feel free to make an offer Also have k1000 keys Thanks
Alex Gotesman
Apr 5
Matthew Rubenstein
Apr 4
Re: SMP-2X K2600X Installation They are metric M3 1.0(pitch) I think, available at home Depot or Lowes, hopefully in the lengh you need. A black marker and done. On Friday, April 4, 2014
Roger J
Apr 4
Re: SMP-2X K2600X Installation The cabling connection was completely straightforward. The SMP-2K came with its own digital IO XLRs/optical board/ports, which is replaced by the ones onboard
Matthew Rubenstein
Apr 4
Re: Kurweil PC 88MX Issue Thanks a bunch.  I will check this out when I get home in a few hours.  I'm really happy with the sounds.  I just want to get this little glitch adressed.
sean lezotte
Apr 3
Re: Kurz PC3LE7 issue I unplugged the MIDI cables as you suggested. That took care of the problem. I have a little audiobox USB interface and I was trying to get the PC3 to talk
Apr 3
Re: SMP-2X K2600X Installation Sorry, I do not have this handy, possible on a CDROM in storage. The pages I gave you have the connector connections.  The rest is nuts and bolts, and should
Roger J
Apr 2
SMP-2X K2600X Installation Hi list :). Do you have a copy of, or link to, the SMP-2X installation manual for K2600X (or just K2600)? I need to install it into my K2600X that already has
Matthew Rubenstein
Apr 2
Re: K2000 noisy cooling fan Are you running this new fan at 12 volts or the reduced 7volts of the stock K2500R?  On Wednesday, April 2, 2014 3:40 PM, "dan@..."
Roger J
Apr 2
Re: ROM 2 K2500R Hi Bill, ROM 2 is the Contemporary ROM. In order to see these objects you have to download and install the ROM objects. Since the daughter card has the 4MB
Apr 2
Re: K2000 noisy cooling fan I just performed this operation with my K2500R, replacing the existing noisy fan with a Noctua NF-B9 PWM. The yellow wire is the +12v, which connects to the
Apr 2
Re: Kurz PC3LE7 issue I am sending you a picture of the added board, make sure it is seated well. Someone else suggested, Lawrence I think, that it could be a mid loop, that makes a
Roger J
Apr 2
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Re: analog outputs noise What frequency is the buzz:  50 or 60Hz is from line voltage and transformer; 100Hz Europe or 120Hz USA/ Canada would be filtering of the power supply and
Roger J
Apr 2
Re: Kurz PC3LE7 issue Strange it would be a perfect octave.   What if you midi in from another keyboard when it is doing it? The key circuit and keyboard contact matrix work on
Roger J
Apr 2
Re: Kurweil PC 88MX Issue Strange it would be a perfect octave. What if you midi in from another keyboard when it is doing it? ... This couldn't possibly be a MIDI loop, could it?
Laurence Payne
Apr 2
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