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What's up in Ku-Ni-Eh

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  • Carolyn Bartlett
    Greetings Ku-Ni-Eh! Thank you to all whom have helped with unit elections, without your help, we would not have been able to complete with such speed. As
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      Greetings Ku-Ni-Eh!


      Thank you to all whom have helped with unit elections, without your help, we would not have been able to complete with such speed.


      As summer approaches, it is important to make you aware of some things that are coming up. 

      1) There will be an OA service day starting at 9am at Camp Friedlander on Saturday, April 17th, and will conclude at noon. This is a great opportunity to get to know others in the lodge. (don't worry, you can talk, and it's free!)


      2) May ordeal is April 30th - May 2nd. If you would like to be staff or elangomat, please be in the Camp Friedlander dining hall by 6pm Friday night.  The staff fee is $12 for the weekend. You could also be an elangomat, which is FREE for the weekend. Plus you get an elangomat pin, a red cup, and a pink elangomat shirt, all of which are free! 


      3) May 21st through the 23rd is SECTION CONCLAVE 2010, Survivor: The new beginning”.  Section conclave is the 2nd best event in the OA. (the National Order of the Arrow Confrence is 1st.) It will be at Camp Friedlander , the closest it has been in 6 years. The cost is $30 dollars, and it's well worth it! All food is cooked for you. There will be shows and games, great food, training, and open activities including the climbing tower, ultimate frisbee, EARTH BALL, and 4- way volleyball. A pow-wow and multiple pie auctions will take place Saturday night. Sunday will be section elections and awards presentation, unless that changes. This is not something you want to miss! (It is nothing like the ordeal) If you have never been to an OA event besides your ordeal, come to conclave, you won't regret it! We are the host lodge and a strong presence is expected. Register at www.oa-c6b.org for this great event! Pay at the door, but register by May 1st for the $30 fee.   Note: IF YOU REGISTER YOU WILL BE EXPECTED TO PAY EVEN IF YOU DO NOT SHOW UP.


         Bonus: For every two new arrowmen that have never been to an OA event that you recruit to come to conclave, and they put your name down as having been recruited by you when they register, you get a $5 credit towards the section trading post! So get people from your troop to come and you benefit! Remember the chief's challenge, bring one friend to each event, and this is a great event to do so.  


       Note, if you plan to be active at the climbing tower, you will need a cope form which can be obtained from the council website.

      4) Check out the newly updated www.ku-ni-eh.org and find out how to become more involved in the lodge by becoming an OA troop Representative, Service Corps member, or an OA mentor.


      5) Consider going to your chapter meeting this month, because Ian Ridgeway, Vice Chief of Chapter Relations, is making his rounds and is willing to autograph things :-)


      6) Remember to pay your dues for 2010 by the April 15th deadline so you are eligible for lodge awards and recognitions for this year.


      7) We've been looking at adding new items to the Lodge Trading Post. You can now purchase a 100th anniversary Ku-Ni-Eh Tumbler for only $10! Only a small quantity were made, so get to the May Ordeal for the next chance to buy one. 


      8) If you've been an ordeal member for 10 months or more, you are eligible to get you Brotherhood. You can do so at May Ordeal and at Conclave, for a fee of $15 which covers the cost of the sash. please see the brotherhood webpage of the lodge's website for more information. 


      9) The Section Service Day at Fort Ancient scheduled for April 10th has been moved to September, more information to follow.


      10) Please email Carolyn Bartlett at cabartlett@... to order your Section t-shirt and hat. The Section T-shirt is $10 for sizes up to XL. There is an additional $2 charge for Larger sizes. Section Hat's are $15. They are green with our Section logo on it, with C6b, the Order of the Arrow logo, and other necessary insignia to make the shirt official. We have to place the order in 2 weeks, so please let us know if you wish to order a hat or shirt. 



      That's all I have for you right now. If you have any questions, please contact me through the lodge website, www.Ku-Ni-Eh.org . I will get you more information as I receive it. Keep an eye out for OA at summer camp activities this year being offered at Camp Friedlander , coming to you in an email soon!


      Conclave, I'm there, are you? 

       Lodge Chief
      Terry Aufermann :)



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