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Re: Translation - czego sie wynaradowiacie? moje nowe zdanie.

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  • Barb Kwietniowski
    ... From: Tadeusz Bro¿bar To: Sent: Saturday, May 01, 2004 1:42 PM Subject: [Kresy-Siberia] czego sie
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      From: "Tadeusz Brożbar" <brozbar@...>
      To: <Kresy-Siberia@yahoogroups.com>
      Sent: Saturday, May 01, 2004 1:42 PM
      Subject: [Kresy-Siberia] czego sie wynaradowiacie? moje nowe zdanie.

      I see you have realized the problem. My English is weak and since you write
      in English I have trouble understanding. From what I did understand, you
      think that those who escaped from Siberia with Anders and live overseas
      suffered, but that our parents did not.
      An example. My father-in-law Tadeusz Paszkowski was sent with his parents
      and brothers to Wologrodkiej oblasti. During the journey to join the Anders
      army, his mother died (he was 16-17yrs old). His father was ill with
      typhoid and they were evacuated to Iran. His father died there. His
      brothers went to England. Remember he was only 17. He alone remained in
      Russia and recovered his health in 1942. He was employed building dams and
      railway bridges near Tashkent. The bridge collapsed and as you know, in
      Russia, that would be called sabotage. He ran away and made his way to
      Berling's army. Some would call him a traitor but he was trying to survive.
      What would you have done in his place. And so he returned to Poland. When
      he told me his story he could not speak Polish. People say that in
      Berling's army were Russians, but there were also deported Poles. He stayed
      in Poland while his brothers stayed in England. They were in touch and
      visited each other. But now when I write to their children I do not get an
      answer to my questions. Their children still speak Polish but their
      grandchildren do not. They are English. This is your response. You
      remember well about Poland and its problems. Do not consider yourselves
      superior. Do not think, that only you are truly Polish.
      This is the impression I get when I read your messages.

      Tadeusz Brozbar
      Ps. I could also write about my mother's experiences. She was born
      nr.Tarnopol. Or those of my mother-in-law from Jazlowczyk or my father from
      Gaci near Przeworsk
      > my sites
      > www.brozbar.prv.pl www.brozbar.z.pl
      > www.kresy-wschodnie.prv.pl www.kresy.w.pl
      > www.mapyhistoryczne.prv.pl www.grzymalow.prv.pl
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