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FW: [Kresy-Siberia] Re: Welcome Paul Matylonek

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  • B. Charuba
    I forgot to mention that the list of Polish refugees evacuated to Persia on the Forgotten Odyssey Site on the Gallery page lists places of origin. It may be
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      I forgot to mention that the list of Polish refugees evacuated to Persia on the Forgotten Odyssey Site on the Gallery page lists places of origin.  It may be worth while to go in a look at the list.  A word of caution: though the list is more or less in alphabetical order, it is not precisely in order and you have to kind of look around a little for the name.


      The list of Polish refugees in India in the book by written by the Association of Poles in India 1942 -1948 about their sojourn in India lists Wladyslawa Gawel born 30.12.1926.  Also listed is Zofia Gawel born 24.12.1932.  This list is taken from a list held by the Sikroski Institute in London, England.  The original list contains more information than the one in the book, including places of origin.  You should enquire with the Sikorski Intstitute http://www.museums.simonides.org/gb/sikorski.html .  Unfortunately, they do not have a web site.  The site I have attached provides what information I have on ways to do that.


      Barbara Charuba


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      Hi Romuald!

      What you ask is a good question that I am trying to explore: Where
      EXACTLY is my mom from?  Her name is WLADYSLAWA GAWEL.  She told me
      that she lived on a farm, and she raised geese.  It was near
      and near the
      Bug River.  But she could not give me a name of a
      village or a settlement.  I am hoping that someone out there can
      fill in the blanks for me.  My mother was very shakey about exact
      dates, which is understandable.  She was only about 14 years old,
      when she, her mother, and other siblings were sent to
      Archangel. My
      grandmother died before they were liberated to go to

      Upon arrival in
      Persia and India, did Poles go to one place or were
      there many?


      --- In Kresy-Siberia@yahoogroups.com, rlipinsk@g... wrote:
      > Hi Paul
      > I was also deported from Brzesc n/B (Brzesc nad Bugiem) to
      and also went through
      Caspian Sea to Tehran and fought in the Polish
      Army. I would be interested to know where your mother was living in
      Brzesc and when she was deported. I was deported with my parents ( I
      was 15 at that time) on the 21 of June 1941, just befor German
      invasion of
      > Waiting to hear from you
      > Romuald
      Virginia USA
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      > Subject: [Kresy-Siberia] Welcome Paul Matylonek
      > > Please welcome Paul Matylonek to the group.
      > >
      > > Stefan Wisniowski
      > > (Sydney Australia)
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      > > Begin forwarded message:
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      11 February 2004 00:40:05 GMT+11:00
      > > > Subject: RE: Kresy-Siberia
      > > >
      > > > My name is Paul Matylonek,
      > > >
      > > > I am interested in finding children of war survivors to share
      > > > experiences for research work.  I am the son of Wladyslawa
      > > Gawel, who
      > > > has shared with me her story of hunger and survival. My
      > > > family was taken from outside Polish Brest (near the Bug
      > > and
      > > > she was enslaved at
      Archangelsk, Russia. In Russia, my mother
      > > shared
      > > > that my grandmother and her sisters died of starvation. My
      > > mother and
      > > > other survivors journeyed south to
      Persia, and then to
      > >
      India. From
      > > >
      India, my mother came to England where she met my Polish
      > > who
      > > > had fought at Monte Cassino. Later, they emigrated to
      > > > States.
      > > >  
      > > > "People respond to their Map of Reality and not Reality
      > > >
      > > > Paul
      > >

      "Dedicated to researching, remembering and recognising the Polish citizens
      deported, enslaved and killed by the
      Soviet Union during World War Two."
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