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  • Lenarda Szymczak
    Bernie, yes please do more research, I could not have a nicer neighbour, kuma, from the old country, but unfortunately, this is all I have and can go no
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    Bernie, yes please do more research, I could not have a nicer neighbour, kuma, from the old country, but unfortunately, this is all I have and can go no further, after Robert Swiecicki (whose name I only found after seeing photo of my Grandmother Kamila Grave Stone – see attachment) it is dead end, I know of brother by mothers talking’s, but do not know name, and I hope that someone out there, can join the link. Helena, my mother would sit and listen to dziadek Swiecicki stories, when she was little, as Robert (dziadek) sat on the stove to keep warm and surrounded by children, in the warm kitchen, would remember his life and history, he was their teacher and historian, until his death 1935.  Beyond this last thread, all information is hypothetical unless verified and validated by records of reality.  Amazing how all these pieces and research were the stories of my mother and they all seemed like some movie, horrible fantasy, fiction, back then, until it all became reality verified, validated and I did a crash landing, unable to cope at first, then hardened up, but, with empathy, admiration and understand, which is increasing every day for the hardships endured by our people and families knowing, seeing that others went before me, courageously, bravely, opening their soul, to form this group, share their stories? My pain is nothing compared to what others suffered and the members in the group have given me strength, making me brave to open my eyes and really look.   My life is not innocent anymore, listening to a crazy woman’s rantings. All this is a scary, horrible, painful reality with people missing and people hurting trying to find them. Man’s inhumanity to man.  Needles in hay stacks are found, scraps of information come together and the joy that comes with it is truly worth the pain and so we help each other. This amazing group of KS is founded, based on more than research itself, it has a soul, a special spirit that connects everyone and welcomes everyone and assists everyone.  I am so lucky to be part of this group.

    Kindest regards

    Lenarda, Australia


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    Lenarda Kuma!

    I will see what I can find out about these cities.

    However I think it is unlikely that Robert and Anna were siblings otherwise Robert would have inherited the estate at Radohoscze and not Anna so Stanilaw would not have come into its possession.


    If there is a link it may be in the previous generation so perhaps they were cousins?


    What was Robert's fathers name?

    That would tell us much!

    Could he have had a brother named Michal or Mikalaj? (Michael)

    That is the place to look.




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