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RE: Polish in Siberia (assistance required)

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  • Lenarda Szymczak
    Hello New Zealand members, is there anyone able to assist a fellow Kiwi, who does not speak Polish or other members around the Globe with more expertise, as
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      Hello New Zealand members, is there anyone able to assist a fellow Kiwi, who does not speak Polish or other members around the Globe with more expertise, as this is out of my field . forgive my silliness, is Richard a member of group  and is Richard Zajkowski  assisting and if not could Helen, Elzunia or Krystyna assist please.


      Lenarda,Sydney, Australia (across the ditch from N.Z.)


      From: Richard Zajkowski [mailto:richard@...]
      Sent: Friday, 01 February, 2013 8:42 AM
      To: polish@...
      Subject: FW: Polish in Siberia


      Hi there,


      I am not sure whether it helps, but I have additional information that may be useful in tracking down the Siberia information.


      My Dad came from a village called Lazy, somewhere near Bialystok I believe.


      The family members deported included;

      Josef Zajkowski (father)

      Marianna Zajkowski (mother)

      Fabian Zajkowski (half brother)

      Eugeniusz Zajkowski (my Dad)

      Another brother

      A sister

      A baby


      Baby and sister died in Siberia

      Other brother died in either Siberia or on way to Iran

      Marianna (mother) died and buried in Teheran


      Jozef and Fabian joined Dad in Wellington after the war, having fought in North Africa, Monte Cassino etc


      Hope this is useful, and I appreciate what you are doing to help me find information.


      If it makes it any easier, I am more than happy to liaise directly with people that  may have information, however I do not speak Polish language (or anything other than English) myself so may be somewhat limited by that.






      From: John Roy [mailto:polish@...]
      Sent: Tuesday, 29 January 2013 8:36 p.m.
      To: Richard Zajkowski
      Subject: Re: Polish in Siberia


      I have transmitted your letter to Kresy-Siberia group I am sure we can help you

      On 29/01/2013 10:45 a.m., Richard Zajkowski wrote:

      Hi there,


      I am hoping you can help me obtain some information.


      I am trying to organise a trip for my father, who was one of the Pahiatua children, back to Poland, Siberia and Iran. He is now 80 and wishes to travel back there before his health will no longer allow such a trip.


      I have been able to find his village in Poland as my sister has already located the village and travelled there, and I have been able to locate the cemetery of his mother in Teheran, as his friend travelled back there some years ago and took a photograph of my grandmother's headstone. So, there is something for him to visit and see in both those places.


      However, finding information about where we could travel in Siberia is proving more difficult.


      My father believes they were located somewhere a little North of Irkutsk, near Lake Baikal, but that is about all the information he is clear on.


      Can I ask, is there anyone you can put me in contact with who might have more detailed information? I have read several books on the topic, but there is nothing in those books that narrows down the location that my father and his family were in. Possible  someone else who has travelled back? Or possibly someone at the Polish Consulate itself in Irkutsk?


      If you have anyone I can peak to regarding this, it would be greatly appreciated, so I can organise a meaningful trip for my father.


      Many thanks


      Richard Zajkowski

      (027) 478 1300






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