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  • Chris Gniewosz
    There is an amusing tale tied to General Anders who was a close friend of my maternal (Bisping) family. General Anders, in command of the (pre-WWII) first
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      There is an amusing tale tied to General Anders who was a close friend of my maternal (Bisping) family. General Anders, in command of the (pre-WWII) first cavalry detachment stationed in the (Grodno?) region often trained on family (Massalany) fields. He and his officers were often guests staying in the family manor.
      Summer of 1939, several of the Bisping youth were on a kayaking expedition culminating at Lake Augustow where Anders was a member of the elegant, beautifully situated and extremely popular yacht club. When my mother and brothers arrived, tired, hungry and sunburned, at Lake Augustow, they found all the lodge rooms occupied. My uncle Juzio thought to ask if the general was in. When Jozio was told the general was not in, he asked that the general be contacted so they get permission to utilize his suite, which the general's office staff allowed.
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