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Hundreds gather for premiere of Smolensk Documentary

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  • Danuta Janina Wójcik
    Hundreds gather for premiere of Smolensk doc 04.01.2011 13:00 Over 500 people attended the premiere of “Fog”, a documentary film on the Smolensk
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      Hundreds gather for premiere of Smolensk doc

      04.01.2011 13:00

      Over 500 people attended the premiere of “Fog”, a documentary film on the Smolensk catastrophe, at Warsaw’s Kino Kultura on Monday evening.

      A number of high-profile politicians and journalists attended the screening of the film, which is produced by the right-wing conservative weekly Gazeta Polska and co-written by journalist Joanna Lichocka, who was also in attendance.

      Among the guests was Jaroslaw Kaczynski, leader of the opposition Law and Justice party, and more pertinently perhaps, the brother of the deceased president, Lech Kaczynski, who died along with 95 others in the crash last April.

      A number of former employees of the Presidential Chancellery under Lech Kaczynski were also in attendance, as well as high-profile conservative journalists including Anita Gargas and Bronislaw Wildstein. Gazeta Polska’s editor-in-chief Tomasz Sakiewicz was also present.

      The documentary film includes scenes of former members of the Presidential Chancellery, Andrzej Duda and Jacek Sasin, who recount the preparations undertaken ahead of the Katyn ceremonies billed for 10 April, as well as the problems encountered in Smolensk after the crash.

      After the screening of the film, Joanna Lichocka underlined that the film is the first of its kind on the Smolensk catastrophe, and that no Polish television station had produced such a film as of yet.

      Kaczynski “impressed” by Smolensk doc

      Following the screening, opposition leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski thanked all those involved for the production of the film.

      Talking to the audience, Kaczynski mused that no-one in Poland had made such a film up until now because many people do not want to talk about the events which happened after the presidential Tupolev crashed.

      According to the Law and Justice leader, the film “shows a piece of truth about the context of the Smolensk catastrophe,” adding that this “is a truth which is rejected by the mainstream of Polish media and by those in power, as it puts them to shame.”

      Jaroslaw Kaczynski spared no praise for the conservative weekly, which he described as “a piece of independence in today’s Poland,” adding that he is “impressed” by the documentary film.

      “[The Smolensk catastrophe] concerns me in a very direct way,” said Kaczynski, stating that the film “brings in something new as far as knowledge on the events are concerned.”

      The film is to be added as a supplement to the forthcoming Wednesday’s edition of the Gazeta Polska weekly. (jb)


      Source: IAR

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