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Regarding a cryptic message sent to the group

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    Dear Group, Allow me to explain this cryptic message that some of you have wondered about: The original message (quoted below) is from Mr. John
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 4, 2010
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      Dear Group,

      Allow me to explain this cryptic message that some of you have wondered about:

      The original message (quoted below) is from Mr. John Roy-Wojciechowski - one of the Siberia orphans who went to New Zealand during the war. At his encouragement, his son Steve Roy was our initial webmaster. Since then we have had three or four other webmasters. Unfortunately, John is not aware of the development of the group since 2001, but In sending this message to the whole group, he has transgressed the courtesies we extend to all of our members, not just the leaders of the group, in regards to personal correspondence.

      Mr. Jerzy Krajewski, the "Jurek" referred to in this e-mail, is the son of a Sybirak living in Sydney. Over the years, as the long-serving President of the NSW state section of the Polish Community Council of Australia, he has been a strong supporter of the Kresy-Siberia initiative by helping to publicize the premiere screening of A Forgotten Odyssey in September 2001 and to organize our Sydney launch of the Virtual Museum in September 2009. As such, he is one of the dozens of people working on this over the past 9 years, but his role is by no means unique.

      As anyone can see for themselves by reading our messages since 18 September 2001, the Kresy-Siberia group was founded by Stefan in association with about a dozen initial internet correspondents, many of whom are still members of the group today. Over the last 9 years, as the group grew to nearly 1,0000 members, Stefan has led the efforts of our members in developing the group. We all owe a debt of gratitude to these many volunteer members who have been generous in sharing information, establishing websites, doing research and providing support to each other. Many have also contributed funding to help the group grow, and to help pay for the various Kresy-Siberia websites and now the Virtual Museum www.Kresy-Siberia.org, as well as for establishing the Kresy-Siberia Foundation.

      We need to have sympathy and understanding when respected elder members of our community behave in unusual ways. We must remember to extend them our respect and gratitude for their many years of community service, especially given the suffering that they and their families endured during and after the war. That a couple of these initial gentlemen are claiming credit for founding the group would be harmless if they did not resort to defamation.

      We are always more than pleased to answer any questions that anyone may have about the group and its founding.


      Executive Director, Kresy-Siberia Foundation

      ----- Original Message -----

      What on earth is this about?

      Krys (Dobrzanski - researching Starzak)

      ----- Original Message -----

      Stefan I had very disturbing news fro Jurek. You have not acknowledged

      the founding members of KS

      Please don't let me name you as a fraud

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