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Re: Welcome Eve Romain

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  • markkus1964 <markkus@sprint.ca>
    Hello Ewa My mother s family(Hanowski) is also came from Tarnopol. The were at Santa Rosa. I have taken on this search for a few of her friends at that time.
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      Hello Ewa
      My mother's family(Hanowski) is also came from Tarnopol. The were at
      Santa Rosa. I have taken on this search for a few of her friends at
      that time. Specifically Sabina Motalewska and Marisha Kiendzorek
      (who was married in Mexico and resided there..her married name
      Rodrigus)..Image trying to search for that name in Mexico. I hope
      to help my mother find her friends.....Have you heard about the
      reunion of the Poles of Santa Rosa??
      I am looking for details and will inform the group once I find more.
      Mark Kusiewicz

      --- In Kresy-Siberia@yahoogroups.com, Stefan Wisniowski
      <swisniowski@p...> wrote:
      > Please welcome Eve Romain to the Group. It is always a privilege
      and a
      > pleasure to welcome one of the survivors of the Siberian odyssey...
      > especially somebody born on Feb 22 - you join several famous
      people who had
      > that birthday, including George Washington, Lord Baden-Powell (who
      > Scouting), and me!
      > Also, it is great to read your history as we do not have that many
      > "Mexicans" in the group yet - Santa Rosa children, that is.
      Though we have
      > been trying to track them down... check out the link
      > I am also intrigued that you say you were deported in September
      1939 - we
      > had some lively debates about that in the group, as the
      first "mass"
      > deportation was not until February 10, 1940. Yet we had heard
      > individual deportations before then. As you learn more, please do
      share it
      > with the rest of us.
      > Ewa - the good news is that in the last few years, and with the
      power of the
      > internet, research sources are become more accessible. There
      should be
      > records about your family's ordeals in the ex-Soviet archives, and
      if you
      > had family in the Polish army (a grandparent?) there would also be
      > on them. The research sources are all on the website
      > www.AForgottenOdyssey.com.
      > Finally, your desire to leave the past behind is understandable.
      > daughter's pride in her family is also admirable. I hope that she
      will join
      > the group in her own name as well!
      > --
      > Stefan Wisniowski
      > ----------
      > From: "eve.romain" <eve.romain@v...>
      > Date: Thu, 10 Oct 2002 13:48:37 -0700
      > To: "Stefan Wisniowski" <swisniowski@p...>
      > Subject: Re: Kresy-Siberia
      > I was born in Mielnica, Tarnopol, Poland on 2/22/39 - in September
      of the
      > same year my mother and I along with my grandparents were taken to
      > (Uzbekistan). What I remember from my mother telling me was that
      she worked
      > shearing sheep.
      > We left Siberia after the "amnesty" was declared. We journeyed
      > Pahlevi, Teheran, India and finally to Mexico. We spent about 3
      years in
      > Santa Rosa. We left Santa Rosa in September of 1946 to go to
      America - we
      > were sponsored by some people who had a farm in Erie, PA. From
      there we
      > found some relatives in Pittsfield, Mass.; where we stayed for 6
      mos - than
      > we moved to Chicago, Ill.
      > I don't know why I had no interest in finding other people who
      > the same things - all I know was I wanted to fit in and be an
      American and
      > forget all about the past - I have done a good job of it.
      > However, I have a daughter who is very proud of her grandmother's
      and mother
      > journey and has started me on this path. As I dig into my past I
      see that
      > there many people who have survived the same ordeal - but what
      truly amazes
      > me is how few of us survived and how many died.
      > On some level I am ashamed that I know so little - my mother is
      now 95 years
      > old and her mind is not as sharp as it was only a few years ago -
      when I
      > could have gone to the source to get my answers - I now have to
      > That is all for now. I am currently living in the Los Angeles
      area of
      > California. I would love to hear from anyone who can help me.
      > Eve Romain (Ewa Machnicki)
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