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Re: [Kresy-Siberia] Re: stations

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  • Stefan Jackowski
    Hi Janusz, This brief excerpt from my Uncle s written recollections might shed some light on the procedure generally followed. I ve added some further info, in
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      Hi Janusz,

      This brief excerpt from my Uncle's written recollections might shed some light on the
      procedure generally followed. I've added some further info, in italics. After describing
      the arrest on the farm, wujek - who was 14 at the time - writes;

      "Outside the farm was a sledge ready with the horses. We were loaded on the sledges.
      It was about 3 o'clock, maybe 4 o'clock in the night, and then we were being taken
      somewhere. We had no idea was they were going to do with us. Perhaps they were
      going to shoot us, we didn't know. Slowly, we made our way to Uscilug."

      (Uscilug wasthe town just north of the OsadyWojske, pop. about 3,500 then.
      "Sledge" is the English English term for what we call "Sleigh" in Canada.)

      "When we got to Uscilug, we could see other sledges there too, and slowly we made
      our way in a convoy of about 20-25 other sledges, to a place called Wlodzimierz,
      where I attended Grammar School. When we go to Wlodzimierz, we were taken to
      the railway station, and then we could see lots of other people.

      (Wlodzimierz was the main city in the region, with a then pop. of about 35,000.)

      I suspect that this procedure of being grouped together, and then transported to
      larger stations was widely followed in the countryside. Loading of very small groups
      in many, many small locations would probably produced chaos. And as we know, the
      Soviets had a great deal of experience in these matters.

      Hope that helps...

      Stefan Jackowski
      Toronto, Canada

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      > Hi I would be like some help in tracking down the likely railway
      > station which my father was transpoted from.He came from the village
      > of Waniow which is situated 7kms east from Belz and 20kms south west > of sokal
      I note the operative word 'likely' :-)
      In this case, relying solely on the map of the area, the nearest stations on the Krystynopol to RawaRuska line were Ostrów (10 km E. of Belz), Zuzel (3km E.) then Belz, and then Staje (11 km W. of Belz).

      I have no idea whether the deportees were taken from every village to the nearest station, or whether they were grouped together with people from neighbouring villages and taken to a larger station. I guess the procedure varied anyway.


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