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Polish graves in Iran, Iraq, etc, Basecamp volunteers

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  • Richard Lucas
    Hi A sad but good article is here - Polish Graves in Qazvin Disappear
    Message 1 of 1 , May 2, 2009
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      A sad but good article is here - Polish Graves in Qazvin Disappear

      and a list of cemetries here

      shows the importance of the on line records being assembled by this group

      I noticed that the Museum committee has a Basecamp project management
      site - I am using the free one for the Anders Awareness Deportation
      awareness projects under Wojtek the soldier bear
      mantle http://wojtekthesoldierbear.basecamphq.com/clients

      where there are "To do" items unallocated (which is most of them)
      anyone can pick them up... If I (or anyone else) have an idea, we
      just add it to the list. later on any volunteer can pick it up.

      Have you thought about opening this up to all members of the list so
      that you can get more input and help from Kresy SIberia members.
      There are definitely people who cannot work with on line
      collaboration tools, but if money and time short / non-existent and
      there is no pressing need for centralised control its a great way to
      work with people around the world

      If anyone on this list wants to help with ":Wojtek the soldier bear"
      projects they should write to me and I'll put on Basecamp and give
      you a task or two

      Pozdrowienia z Krakowa

      (which is decked in Polish flags in preparation for Constitution day
      tomorrow... )


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