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Re: dads docs

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  • Andy Golebiowski
    I don t see the name Aleksander, though I do see Maszynski. I would add that the father was a Controller with the Straz Skarbowa, loosely translated as the
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      I don't see the name Aleksander, though I do see Maszynski.

      I would add that the father was a "Controller" with the Straz
      Skarbowa, loosely translated as the Treasury Guard (revenue
      enforcement), though in reading various descriptions online, the Straz
      Skarbowa also guarded the border.

      The father's name was (in Latin) "Lucius Henricus Gornisiewicz", son
      of Tadeusz and Wanda Barb.

      I'm not sure of Lucius is Lucjan or "Lucjusz" in Polish. Henricus, of
      course would be "Henryk".

      Tadeusz's mother's name is more difficult to figure out. It starts
      with Pa..., daughter of Jozef Kasprzyk and Agnieszka Kempa.

      The names of the godparents appear to be ...Kmiecik (on the fold),
      Controller of Treasury Guard, and Angela Marzec, girl.

      I'm sending my more complete notes to Chris under separate cover.

      In my research, I came across an interesting site called:
      "Genealogy of Halychyna / Eastern Galicia", which includes a guide to
      deciphering Latin records in Eastern Galicia (which Lwow was a part
      of). The page is run by a Matthew Bielawa.

      The web address is: http://www.halgal.com
      and should probably be added to our Genealogy Resources portion on

      Andy Golebiowski
      Buffalo, NY

      --- In Kresy-Siberia@yahoogroups.com, "Antoni Kazimierski"
      <ASKAZIMIERSKI@...> wrote:
      > Chris,
      > What an interesting piece of paper/document all in Latin - not in
      > Latin is not my strongest, but here is what it is;-
      > Regnum: Country; POLAND
      > Districtus:District; ZLOCZOW
      > Dioceses; Diocese; Leopoleonis?
      > Decanatus; Deanery: Brodyenis -BRODY
      > Parachia; Parish; OLESKO ( Olescenis)
      > Birth; 2nd Feb 1921
      > Baptised on 5th March 1921 with Alexandro Maszynski?an
      > with Kontrolor Strazy Skarbony - Angela Marzec.(girl/Lady)
      > Names; Taddeusz Joannes.
      > Religion ;Roman Catholic
      > Gender; BOY
      > Birth; Legitimate
      > Issued on 9th March 1921 at Olesko.
      > Chris, I do not know how you scanned this paper as it came through
      well, but I cannot print it. Why?
      > On which type of machine did you scan it ?
      > Some portions I cannot read as they are on the folded part.
      > To get extra missing details it would have to be printed on
      clear-white paper.
      > I do not think I missed much, but you can take the original to a
      Latin teacher at a school nearest to you.
      > antoni530 in UK
      > ----- Original Message -----
      > From: smith
      > Subject: dads docs
      > hi antoni,
      > ive scanned the document 640X480 i hope it
      comes out ok.
      will you be able to find out my
      grandparents names and where in poland they lived.
      > thankyou for
      even trying to help.
      > yours
      > --- On Fri, 9/1/09,
      > Hello Chris,
      > Yes if you scan and send them here I might be able to translate them
      > for you.
      > Antoni in Eastbourne UK
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