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Re: [Kresy-Siberia] A wonderful surprise!

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  • Anne Kaczanowski
    This is not off topic at all.  I share in your excitement and for Diane.  I remember after my initial prodding of family members in Poland, who took all this
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      This is not off topic at all.  I share in your excitement and for Diane.  I remember after my initial prodding of family members in Poland, who took all this for granted ...and really weren't that interested.... where someone finally went to see if there indeed was a grave for my grandfather.  Under years of tangled weeds and overgrowth a beautiful headstone was found. A headstone with his birth and death which were unknown to any of us.  It was cleaned up and candles lit and I felt as though we had finally made a connection with a grandfather none of us had a chance to know. When I finally was able to make a trip to Poland I left my mark on his grave from his Canadian family.  The very sad thing about this is when you are so far away from Poland, all you have is the stories.  There is nothing tangible...just the stories.  But when something like this is found, or a photo, or anything remotely connected, you feel like you were meant to find
      it. I still love the saying from the film "Everything Is Illuminated", when something is found.   "It doesn't exist for you...you exist for it."....as you could have taken pictures of any headstone...but you got this one.  How exciting!


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      Hi Group,

      This is a little off topic, but I wanted to share this 'feel
      good'story with you. As you know I've recently uploaded photos to the
      Kresy Today album from my trips to Ukraine in 2005 and 2007.
      Prior to my visit in 2005 I'd made email contact(as we do)with
      Dianne, a member of the EGGS website, who had connections with a
      Gawinski family from Dawidkowce and I offered to make some enquiries
      for her whilst there.
      Whilst going over the photos at the weekend for the Kresy Today
      album, I looked again at some photos of the cemetery in Dawidkowce
      that were sent to me some time ago by someone I stumbled across and
      made email contact with (as we do). Anyway, on closer inspection, on
      an inscription on one headstone I noticed the surname Gawinski, but
      couldn't decipher the christian name. I immediately thought of Dianne
      and yesterday sent her the photo as I thought it may mean something
      to her.

      Today, I received this reply from Dianne,

      "....You did send me pictures from Dawidkowce before. Thanks for
      this one. This one means alot. It's my great-grandfather' s grave.
      He was the only Szczepan Gawinski in the area. You have no idea how
      much this means to me and my family."

      How about that! I can't describe how elated I feel about it, so
      imagine how Dianne must feel. I'm so pleased for Dianne and her

      I think it deserves a swift vodka!

      Ken Fedzin

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