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Re: [Kresy-Siberia] Soviet camp - Kostousovo

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  • Stefan Jackowski
    Hi Ted, Yes, that was my dad. In fact, I had very recently e-mailed you after seeing your recent post regarding Heliopolis. A quick, recent story .. On
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      Hi Ted,

      Yes, that was my dad.

      In fact, I had very recently e-mailed you after seeing your recent post regarding Heliopolis.

      A quick, recent story .. On November 9, 2008, I attended Mass at St. Stanislaw,
      here in Toronto, and walked with a procession to City Hall, where a short but moving
      commemoration of Polish Independence - and the contribution of both Polish and
      Canadian veterans to the war effort - was held. Replete of course with bands of marching Polish-Canadian Boy Scouts and the usual dignitaries. After the ceremony, I was kindly
      invited to the Polish Combatants Hall on Beverly Street. In the lobby there, I approached
      the gentleman who had spoken at the ceremony on behalf of the Canadian-Polish
      Congress, and asked for his support in publicizing the deadline for Kresy land claims.
      He took a keen and sincere interest, and asked my about my background. Well,
      what do you know ..!!, it just so happened that I had with me the binder I work on
      re:the Polish side of our family history. .. After seeing a copy of dad's war service record,
      I was quickly introduced to a Polish veteran who is a local expert on such things.
      I "suspect" that you have heard of a Pan Jan Gasztold, President of the Polish-
      Canadian Air Force Association. After skimming through dads service record, he
      turned to me and asked me how I had liked growing up in Labrador. A thunderbolt!!
      Jan had known dad well, and assured me the Polish Air Cadets from Heliopolis were
      "closer than brothers", and had stayed in touch for 65 years. One week later, I
      visited Jan at his home at his kind invitation, and have agreed to assist him with
      with the work that he is so clearly devoted to. He lent me a copy of the Polish book,
      "Blekitni Chlopcy-Gimnazium i Liceum Lotnicze - Heliopolis Egipt 1943-1946", and has
      promised to give me my own copy shortly. I see that you are listed in this book on
      page 168, ... that's my dad on page 165.

      At Jan's kind invitation, I have applied for membership in the Polish-Canadian Air Force
      Association on dad's behalf, and will attend the oplatek in Toronto in early January,
      2009. In the event that you too can make it, I very truly look forward to meeting you.
      Dad would have been thrilled.

      Very warmest regards,

      Stefan Jackowski

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      Subject: Re: [Kresy-Siberia] Soviet camp - Kostousovo

      Hi Stefan...
      Stanislaw Jackowski born 07.08.1927 died 26.05.1991 was he in Polish Air Forces school in Heliopolis in Egypt ?
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      From: Stefan Jackowski
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      Subject: [Kresy-Siberia] Soviet camp - Kostousovo

      Hi Antoni and all,

      Could you kindly check any information on file in available Soviet records regarding my late father's family deportation. I have the following information;

      Deported on February 10, 1940, from Osady Wojskowe @ Uscilug, Wlodzimierz, Wolyn;

      Stanislaw Jackowski, born August 7, 1927 (My dad)
      Zbigniew Jackowski, born December 9, 1925 (My uncle)
      Kazimiera Jackowski, (nee: Wieczwinska) DOB as yet unknown (My paternal grandmother)

      After six weeks in a freezing cattle car, they arrived at the Soviet labour (logging) camp atKostousovo. located approx. 100 km. North North East of Sverdlovsk (now Ekaterinburg) ,
      and approx. 20 km. south of Resz. My 83 year old uncle has told me that the camp was
      close to the railway line, along with a number of other small labour camps. I have located
      the present day location of Kostousovo, and it's just where my uncle indicated. It appears
      that the camps are gone.

      There is no info that I could find on the Karta "Indeks of the Repressed" pertaining directly
      to our family, though Uncle Joe saw fit to ensure the Jackowski surname was very well

      Needless to say, any further documented info or suggestions would be very, very much appreciated. As always, apologies for the missing Polish diacritics ...

      Stefan Jackowski

      ------------ --------- ---------

      Incidentally, .. the short version of what happened after Kostousovo:

      After "Amnesty", uncle Sbyszek, aged 16, got to Persia/Palestine/ Egypt, and after
      enlistment in Polish 2nd Corps, 5 Kresowa Div., 5th Regiment, 6th Artillery Battery,
      as a forward observer, fought at Monte Cassino, and was later awarded the Polish
      Cross of Valour for taking six German POWs single-handedly. (He modestly says .."I just
      reacted quicker than they did, and got my gun up first, .. and they didn't realize that I
      was alone"). By the age of 19, he had been promoted to 2nd Lt.

      I've been astonished to very recently learn that my Dad left the camp some three months
      after my uncle. At 14 years of age and alone, and after surviving starvation and thyphoid enroute, he made the (last) August evacuations to Pahlevi, and joined the 1st Polish Airforce
      Boys Training School in Heliopolis, Egypt, eventually serving at RAF Cammeringham.

      My grandmother survived Siberia, and was repatriated by the Soviets to Torun, Poland after
      the War, where she died alone in the 1970s.

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