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Update on photo's

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  • Carol Dove
    Group, I am updating photo s I sent the link to in the past. Alain has added a link to A Forgotten Photo s in hopes of ID ing more. It is amazing and shows
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 7, 2008
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      I am updating photo's I sent the link to in the past. Alain has added a
      link to "A Forgotten Photo's" in hopes of ID'ing more. It is amazing
      and shows USA freeing pow's from "Oflag V11-A", "military band"
      and "Maridnetki" puppets just to name a few. I have sent a suggestion
      to Alain (given to me)I would encourage your friend to send copies to
      > Muzeum Wojska Polskiego
      > Director: plk mgr Jacek Macyszyn
      > Aleje Jerozolimskie 3, 00-495 Warszawa

      I am able to pull in the photo's if anyone see's a possiable loved one
      and wants a closer view, just email me the photo number and location of
      the person. I find this group of photo's an amazing historical find.
      Alain has given me permission to post any of the photo's the new link
      has over 300. With over 5,000 people shown. I felt giving this link
      with all the hard work he has put in would be best. Best of luck in
      finding a picture of a loved one.

      Carol Celinska Dove

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