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Re: Holocaust Museum, Etc.

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  • Eve5J@aol.com
    Dear Jan and group, Thank you for expressing my sentiments exactly. For years I wondered what makes the Poles different from the Jews? Why does everyone know
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      Dear Jan and group,

      Thank you for expressing my sentiments exactly.  For years I wondered what makes the Poles different from the Jews?  Why does everyone know their story and absolutely no one knows our story?  Recently I have been corresponding with someone who has helped me understand this multi-faceted question a little bit better.

      Jan, the deportees who were fortunate enough to survive immigrated all over the world, including the US (my father and his siblings), Canada, the UK, New Zealand, Australia, Poland, Israel, and I am sure other countries.

      I agree with you that the Holocaust Museum is not the place for us.

      There is not much out there to help us.   Unless you know exactly what you
      are looking for, you won't find it just by going to your library.  YES, we
      should have some kind of register for those who were victims of the camps.  
      YES, we should do something to make the world aware of what really happened
      there, and YES, we need a way to find those who were taken to the camps, and
      never returned to their homeland!  

      I am not the one to say exactly WHAT it is that we should do, but I
      definitely feel that we should do something.  I don't think that the
      Holocaust Museum is the place for us.  I believe that it is just for the Jews
      who were victims of the Nazi's idea of the "perfect world".  But I do feel
      that we have an obligation to our ancestors to make the world aware of what
      happened to them at the hands of the Russians.  

      I live in a small town in South Carolina, I think I am the only Pole in town!
      There is not a lot of interaction between us yankees, and those who are
      native to the south.  But, there is a small college nearby, where I went last
      week to hear Lech Walesa, and I was truly expecting to be one of maybe 10
      people there.  I was amazed to find a packed house!!!  And to see so many
      Polish looking people there!  I had spoken to a professor of chemistry who is
      from Czestohowa.  she translated a letter for me.  She is the one who
      introduced Lech Walesa, in Polish AND in English!!  I think that I would like
      to try to contact her again, and see what she has to say about our situation.
      I also know that there are some Polish students at this little Baptist
      college!!  I will try to make some contact with them as well.  Maybe they can
      help.  Maybe they can tell us more.  That is supposing that they even KNOW
      anything about what the Russians did.

      As for Janie's original question, yes, the Museum in Washington is really
      geared mainly for Jews, survivors, and those who were killed by the Nazis.  
      We don't need to steal their thunder. What we need is to find organizers like
      they have!!!  I think that's the difference.  They were organized, there were
      people who wanted to make sure the world knew what happened to them.  Our
      people didn't get to come to the US, they either died, or they went someplace
      else.  They just wanted to forget!!

      We need help with this.  I am open to suggestions!  And I thank you ALL for
      all you have taught me in this short time!

      Jan Birkner

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