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Re: Re: [Kresy-Siberia] My father´s death

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  • s.sobot@chello.nl
    Dear Miguel, I salute you, and I salute your father. And I wish strength to all of your family. Regards, Steve
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      Dear Miguel,

      I salute you, and I salute your father.
      And I wish strength to all of your family.

      Regards, Steve

      ---- romlipin@... schreef:
      > Dear Miguel,
      > It is so sad to hear that another, one of our "band of brothers", veterans of the 2-nd Polish Corps, passed away. I am one of the vets who fought, like your Dad, at Monte Cassino and I have a great respect for sappers. During the battle, they were clearing the road of mines for the tanks to get through to the hill that we called Gardziel (The Throat) at night, in dark, crawling under tanks, inch by inch, under intense enemy fire. To do that one has to have nerves of steel. Many of them were killed but they did the job and once the tanks got through they started to blast German bunkers point blank. That was a major contribution to our victory. During one of my visits to Monte Cassino I met German ex-paratroopers who fought agaist us. They told me that once before, five New Zealander tanks got through. They were all destroyed. Later on, during our action on the Adriatic Coast, sappers were ahead of us, clearing fords of mines(and there were many) so that our vehicles could get through. That was a very dangerous thing. Germans did all kind or tricks to make it difficult to detect a mine. And yet, sappers were there doing their job.
      > Nothing unites people like being exposed to danger. Then, you are real , naked, very close to God. You are real self. And we were all united in our desire to go back to Poland, to bring freedom to our nation. That dream, that desire, united us all. And, in this hour of sadness, you may be proud that your Dad was one of the fighters who fought for the just cause. Czesc Jego Pamieci!
      > Romuald
      > ---- karpenguin <karpenguin@...> wrote:
      > > My name is Miguel Zaprucki and I live in Ushuaia, Argentina. In 2005 my wife and I uploaded
      > > some pictures of my father, Michal Zaprucki on the Kresy Siberia Memorial Gallery. My dad
      > > was a sapper and he fought in Monte Cassino, Tobruck, and all the places that the Second
      > > Polish Corpus was involved in battle. Sadly, my dad has died today, the same day that his
      > > only surviving sister, Weronika, who lives in Belarus, celebrates her 85 birthday. Michal was
      > > 96 years old and was the only polish man in Tierra del Fuego, know by people as the end of
      > > the world. Neither the Polish Embassy in Buenos Aires or other Polish- Argentinian
      > > organisation has ever paid a tribute to my dad or any Polish veterans who still are alive in
      > > Patagonia. So, in this moment of grief for our family, I would like to say here, on this site,
      > > that he was a great, brave and honourable man and all the people that knew him will
      > > remember him for that.
      > > He did many sacrifices for his country, and even tough he died so far away from his home, he
      > > was a brave son of Poland.
      > > May he rest in peace, in the company of his comrades.
      > >
      > > Miguel Zaprucki
      > > Ushuaia, Argentina.
      > >
      > >
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