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Re: Hysiatyn- Machowski - Uzbekistan

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  • Zosia King
    Hi Antoni and all, ..I ve still not spoke to Mum about Machowski (I ve been trying to understand places in old time Poland ) Also, Mum s been busy telling me
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      Hi Antoni and all,
      ..I've still not spoke to Mum about Machowski (I've been trying to understand 'places' in old time Poland ) Also, Mum's been busy telling me about some of her experiences, including a time in Uzbekistan..
      Whist at Uzbekistan, food was still very scarce. Word went around that the Polish Embassy at Tashkent(Toshkent) were giving away free food. Gran suggested that Mum went to get some. So, on her own? at 14years old? she set off. (this also amazed me - crossing a wide river on a camel?) and finally arrived at the Embassy to get the food. She received the food (which was not so much) and proceeded back. On her way back, Mum worked out who would have what from the food and ate her share straight away -  she was so hungry. In fact, she was so hungry, by the time she returned to camp she'd eaten the lot! Gran was not very happy with her!
      Mum, maybe disappointed with herself, for eating all the food, took off for a walk. She passed by a large stream, where she spotted lots of small fish! Thoughtfully, she ran back 'home',  grabbed the large blue tin/enamel jug (which they had carried all this way from home Poland!) and headed again to the stream -  she scooped a plenty-full jug of fish!  Later she cooked the fish for her Mum to eat!
      I'm so proud of my Mum, after all the hardships, she can still smile!
      Maybe someone can relate to any of this?  
      (Mum tells me that they lived in houses made of mud with straws roofs?)

      ANTONI KAZIMIERSKI <askazimierski@...> wrote:
      Zosiu, I've checked the name again ; I misspelt it slightly, sorry- it is definately DOBROWODA/Y in powiat ZBARAZ ( Zbarazh), Tarnopolskie, is where he apparently was deported from, but he was born at Smolarzany, pow. Lancyt, Nr Lwow.

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