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  • Cynthia Pukiello
    Dear Aneta Thank you for your offer of translation in Polish Index of my husband s nameetc;it does seem to be connected but i am keeping my fingers crossed and
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      Dear Aneta
      Thank you for your offer of translation in Polish Index of my husband's nameetc;it does seem to be connected but i am keeping my fingers crossed and will await your reply.At the moment if the following is any help I can give you these details;Mikolaj Pukiello,Father Antoni,Mother Anna,4 sons one daughter,Eugene,Anatol,Michal,do not know names of other  son or daughter.Mikolaj my husband was arrested from his grandmothers house 1939 age 17  years, deported to Russia by cattle trains but from then  on he was 2years in a camp(no nameof camp)then I find he was enrolled in Gen;Anders 2ndPolishCorps&went on to Palestine,to fight at Monte Cassino, He arrived in England 1947, we met & was married 1949.,He died suddenly Dec;27 1981.Mikolaj never told meanything at  all & I felt dreadful when I discovered some of the things I have discovered.If  I can help with more details please letme know.I look forward to hearing from.
      Kind regards,Cynthia.
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      Subject: [Kresy-Siberia] To Cynthia Pukiello

      Dear Cynthia,
      in Polish Index of People Deported to Soviet Union of Karta Center,
      there is mentioned Mikolaj Pukiello, son of Antoni, born in 1922,
      arrested in Wilno region. Could it be your husband ? There in last
      record is whole list of his journey in Soviet Union (at least with

      See this link :
      http://www.indeks. karta.org. pl/wyniki_ old.asp

      If it's him, I can translate this extract from Deportee Index for you.


      Aneta Hoffmann
      Warsaw, Poland

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      <cynthiapukiello22@ ...> wrote:
      > Hello Ann Drozdowski
      > My husband did the same journey as yoursand I am trying to find out
      more information if possible.
      > I was very interested in your story ,I wonder if there is a chance
      you may be able to tell me anything at all about my late husband
      30039165-Sergeant Officer cadet Michal Pukiello born in Wilno,
      Poland, was a deportee to Siberia, camp unknown, joined the Polish
      2nd Corps &fought at Monte Cassino.If you have any information at all
      I would be very glad to hear from you. I have many times tried to
      find something about him in the last few years without success.I
      contacted the Ministry of Defence inMiddlesex, England and did
      receive a few details of his army life, but no details prior to
      that.We were married in Bolton Lancashire 1949, Michal died in 1981
      aged 59 years without telling me anything about the dreadful journey
      he made.Michal would only say he was taken by the Russians when he
      was 17 years of age & was taken as a deportee and that was all. I am
      now 83years of age and aquired a laptop which I am determined to
      work at to put my mind more in focus.Please excuse mistakes as I have
      never used a computer before.I hope you can be of help to me.By the
      way I am British & we did have a great marriage, with a Son ,
      daughter, & grandchildren. all for now, yours Cynthia Pukiello.
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      > From: Ann Drozdowski
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      > Sent: Tuesday, March 20, 2007 12:32 PM
      > Subject: [Kresy-Siberia] Re: Hello Richard
      > Hello Richrd,
      > Welcome to the group. My husband (Kazik) was deported from Wilno
      > Siberia in 1941. Wilno was then in Poland but is now called
      > and is in Lithuania. He followed a similar route to your family
      > that he wasn't in India because he joined the Polish army and went
      > with them through Persia, Iran, Palestine and eventually to
      > and England, where we now live.
      > Best wishes.
      > Ann Drozdowski

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