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world of coincidences

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  • Lucyna Artymiuk
    About a week ago I received a suprise email from a year old boy Rafal from Warsaw with the same surname as I. He said that he was told by his grandmother
    Message 1 of 1 , May 10, 2006
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      About a week ago I received a suprise email from a year old  boy  Rafal from Warsaw with the same surname as I.  He said that he was told by his grandmother that their cousin Jan Artymiuk settled in Australia after the war and that he found my email through my website where I mention my father Jan Artymiuk.  I perused my family tree but no male Artymiuks in our family tree since early 20th century (apart from my cousins in England).  I sent him the scan of family tree and said that I could not see where his family fitted in.
      But in my mind i knew that there were no other Artymiuks in Australia apart from my family.

      After looking throught the family tree i sent him, he replied that my grandfather Jozef and his great grandfather Stanislaw were brothers.  In the family tree I only had the descendants from Sstanislaws first marr.iage.  It appears that there were four children from the second marriage.
      I was astounded!!!  Since last week I have been having daily emails with Rafal and his mother Ewa.  I have been invited to stay with them when I go to Poland later this year.
      They mentioned the suburb of Warsaw in which they live.  It sounded familiar.  I have cousins from my mothers side of the family (their grandmother and my grandmother were sisters).  And I had a gut feeling that they lived in the same suburb.
      Yesterday I confirmed my other cousins address and compared with the Artymiuk cousins.  And suprise suprise - they live 60 METRES from each other.
      Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat a small world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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