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RE: [Kresy-Siberia] Hirshel/Scneider Family, Galizia

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  • Barbara Charuba
    Welcome to our group Shahar: Based on the information you have given, I have done a little searching on the Internet for mention of your grandparents names,
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      Welcome to our group Shahar:


      Based on the information you have given, I have done a little searching on the Internet for mention of your grandparents’ names, chiefly in Polish.  It is difficult to guess what route your people may have taken to return to Poland without knowing where in Siberia they were taken to (Siberia is a big place). You will find a great deal of general information on the www.aforgottenodyssey.com  site that may help you make some educated guesses as to the route you grandparents took.  If you can provide any more information, I will try to search the Internet again. If I find anything relevant in Polish, I will translate it into English if it is not to long


      I came across a Polish language site on the Lubaczow Jews which mentions a Samson Schneider (a miller and town counselor) and an Helen Schneider with the word “Library” beside it.   There are pictures and postcards with interesting images of the Jewish community there.  Since you say your family seemed to move around a lot, I do not how great their tie would have been to any one of the places you mention.  .


      The site for the Lubaczów Jews is http://www.zydzi.lubaczow.pl/.


      Barbara Charuba

      Barrie ON Canada


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      Hi everyone,

      I am new to this group. My name is Shahar HIrschel and I am from
      Israel. I am searching more information about my grandparents from
      Galizia region, however only stories left from them, and some of
      them just dont match.

      I hear names Lvov, Cieszanow, Lubaczow, and Nowy Sacz, all of them
      (well, except for Nowy Sacz) are relativly close to one another, but
      apparently my family moved a lot...

      They were also sent to Siberia around 1941 and retyrned to Poland
      around 1945 (unknown to where, still searching possible returning
      routes from Siberia), then to DP camp in Hessen, Germany (possibly
      the town of Wetzlar) and to Ravenna, Italy, where they spent two
      years and emigrated to Israel.

      I see few ways of spelling their surnames, my grandfather was a
      Hirschel, but could be spelled Hirshel or Hirszel. My grandmother
      was a Schneider, but I have seen spelling of Schnajder and others.

      If anyone could contribute information to either the Surname topic
      or the routs back from Sibiria, it will be appreciated.

      Regards from sunny Haifa


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