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Re: Polish Kresy Deportations

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  • Eve5J@aol.com
    Hi Ken: All of Kresy was in Poland after the Polish-Russian War, and most of Kresy even before then at the end of World War I. Tarnopol and the southern
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      Hi Ken:
      All of Kresy was in Poland after the Polish-Russian War, and most of Kresy even before then at the end of World War I.  Tarnopol and the southern provinces were never under Russian or Soviet domination or its "sphere of influence" until World War II began, as far as I know.  To this day western Ukraine is more European-leaning than eastern Ukraine, which was always more Russian in nature and still is.  However, as most totalitarian regimes' motto is "divide and conquer," this is what occurred in interwar Polish Kresy.  There was much rabble rousing of the local non-Polish population, which, as time wore on, probably became worse and worse.  Ukrainians, egged on by the Soviets/Bolsheviks/Reds, tried to sabotage eastern Poland from within and fought an underground war against the country.
      The Soviets did not control Poland in any way before invading the country at the beginning of World War II.  As above, there was spying, subterfuge, and clandestine occurrences which took place, as well as some fighting along the border.  As I think Walter wrote, Big Brother was watching.  The lists were not made with the knowledge of the Government of Poland.  No way!
      I think there was a communist or Soviet-leaning political faction in Warsaw interwar, but this party was beaten back for the most part by Pilsudski and his party.  I will have to reread this section of my book.  Michael Kulik knows the subject very well and hopefully will fill us in.
      Hope this helps.
      Eve Jankowicz
      Thanks for all the various responses and all the facts and
      information given in recent postings on the topic. It certainly
      makes one more aware of just what was going on prior to the outbreak
      of W. War 11. The theme that all seem to have in common is that
      there was a substantial ethnic mix and the Soviets were, or at least
      appeared to be, well and truly in control in this during the 1930's.

      Again my lack of knowledge and reading shines through, but I thought
      that this area was supposed to be Poland at this time? Was there not
      a Polish Government in control? If so, how could the NKVD be allowed
      to carry out it's activities against Poles such as files, lists,
      interogations etc during the 1930's ?? There must have been
      collaboration from the Authorities to have allowed this to happen.

      Was it that the Govermnent of the day was a Communist puppet of the
      USSR and therefore the 'man on the street' was powerless to resist?
      It seems that it must have been.


      Ken Fedzin
    • Helena Danielczuk
      Right folk time for action!!! How about a fundraising event some social function in a public place open to Joe and Jill Public. It would help raise profile
      Message 73 of 73 , Feb 25, 2006
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        Right folk time for action!!!

        How about a 'fundraising event' some social function in a public place open
        to Joe and Jill Public. It would help raise profile gret publicity we hope
        etc I have some links with local BBC etc the local press has in the past
        been good check out the Bradford connection links on web site of BBC there
        is an interview,, article and I believe a video which I have yet to see .

        The 'north ' might be cheaper stc for rooms etc i have even links with
        hotels here . Linder what about your friends relatives do they still have
        the pub in Bradford Im sure ther would be some milage there I feel we need
        for many reasons be indepenent of Polish centres as they stil are very much
        ruled by priests church etc which i personally attend but it is not
        everyones scene.

        My company Anglo-european Cultural network ACE would be more than willing to
        orgaNISE ETC ETC ETC

        Bye 4 now Hela.

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        >Subject: RE: [Kresy-Siberia] holocaust
        >Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2006 23:15:33 -0000
        >Yes, members would support the group, we're all happy to do so!, BUT if we
        >were able to find a Charity/Institution/Fund to help us on our way, and
        >help with some of the project expenses, we could go further, and reach
        >those that have never heard of 'the other halocaust'. I am hoping that the
        >members that give 'talk's/create small exhibitions/displays/have written
        >books/give talk's on those books etc, may be able to make contact with
        >possible 'sponsors'. This way, if it is possible, we can go further,
        >faster. Our 'survivors' wll not be here for eternity!. I'm sure that many
        >members, if you think about it, may come up with idea's about this. We not
        >only need to spead the word to those that have no idea about the sufferings
        >of the Polish people [Westerners?], but also, the young people of the
        >effected countries, do not seem to be very 'aware' of the sufferings of
        >their own families. Parents don't always talk/children, g-children, who
        >don't understand or know about the sufferiings, we only learn from each
        >I urge everyone that can, take a tape recorder or something, to record
        >anything that was your relatives experiences of this terrible,
        >awful time, you have not got 'forever', or 'when I get round to it!'
        >Yes, we probaby desperately need money just now, to keep the site up and
        >running, [Stefan's department], but let's look to the future!
        >I don't mean to lecture anyone, but this is a 'passion' of mine and if we
        >don't all 'pull together', there's so much we could loose, after 4 years
        >hard work!
        >Well, that's my 'penny-worth' - I'll keep trying to get some 'sponsorship'
        >with or without help from others, but I'd prefer with! Come on. 'chap's and
        >chaps'es' - let's do this together?

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