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Evacuation from Russia to

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  • Elizabeth Olsson
    I’m having a bit of a problem sorting out which figure to use for people (soldiers and civilians) evacuated from Russia to Persia with Anders army in 1942.
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      I’m having a bit of a problem sorting out which figure to use for people (soldiers and civilians) evacuated from Russia to Persia with Anders army in 1942.

      Below are the various statistics and sources that I’ve come across over the years.

      We should really agree on a figure that we can use in our articles, so that we sound credible and reliable



      Elzunia Olsson


      Teheran based Polish Red Cross

      Total: approx 116,000

      Has precise figures relating to those who had survived and then escaped the Russian nightmare.

       In 1943 it stated that

      115,742 Polish citizens had been evacuated from the Soviet Union, of which

      21,688 were classified as children.

      At the same time, according to the Polish Embassy in Moscow,

      265,501 people were listed as remaining on Russian soil, of which

      76,146 (29%) were children.


      according to Michael Hope, "Polish Deportees in the Soviet Union"

      total: 114,000

      Between 24th March and 4th April 1942 the Krasnovodsk depot received

      33,039 military and

      10,789 civilian evacuees, many dying on the Caspian waterfronts, and most in the last stages of exhaustion, including children in a number of traveling orphanages. The survivors crossed the Caspian in batches in Soviet

      ships to Pahlevi between 26th March and 10th April.


      A second evacuation took place to Krasnovodsk drawn from largely Uzbek and Kirghiz territory in August 1942. This consisted of

      44,832 military personnel and

      25,437 civilians who were transported from Krasnovodsk to Pahlevi between 8th and 30th August. Of this number some 701 soldiers and 1,936 civilians many of them children were evacuated over the border into Iran; the evacuees were so

      ill and emaciated that nearly 600 died on arrival to Pahlevi. (pages 40-41)


      Polish refugees in Teheran

      Total: 111,500

      According to the statistics of the Polish Mission in Teheran made in 1942,


      There were 2 stages of evacuation:


      I stage - March/April 1942: about 30.000 soldiers and 12.000 civilians


      II stage -August/September 1942: about 40.000 soldiers, 4.500 auxiliary

      service and 25.500 civilians



      total: 110,462 + 2650 = 113,112

      According to Zbigniew S. Simaszko "W Sowieckim Osaczeniu", p. 299, the total number of evacuated to Persia through Caspian Sea both evacuations: in March 1942 and in August 1942 was as follows:

      77,190 military (including PSWK, Junaks and Junaczkis) and

      33,272 civilians. Later, through Ashhabat ((by land) came about

      2,650 people.

      This is about 7% of Polish citizens who were in Russia as a result of the Soviet invasion.



      total: 115,742

      Stalin’s Ethnic Cleansing

      78,470 soldiers

      37,272 civilians (of which 13,948 children)



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