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Re: Victims of the Forgotten Odyssey

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  • Stefan Wisniowski
    Dear Bob I will ask Steve to post the FAQs and my interim answers. May I ask all members if they can provide any further information on these or other
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 13, 2002
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      Dear Bob

      I will ask Steve to post the FAQs and my interim answers. May I ask all
      members if they can provide any further information on these or other

      Most known sources of information are detailed in the References section of
      the www.AForgottenOdyssey.com website. These include, in order of
      chronological relevance:

      - Soviet-era NKWD records kept in former Soviet archives on who was
      deported, from where and when, to where, and when released - these are
      researched via the Polish Committee of the Memorial Society in Moscow;

      - Database of Soviet-era NKWD records on the "repressed" from 1939 to 1959 -
      researched via the KARTA organisation in Warsaw (I believe that these may be
      copies of the same records that Memorial has);

      - The Anders Collection at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University,
      which holds depositions from thousands of deportees joining the Polish Armed
      Forces in the USSR after the Sikorski-Majski Treaty's amnesty of June 1942;

      - The British Ministry of Defense, which holds service and personal records
      from every soldier in the Polish Armed Forces in the Middle East and the
      Second Corps under General Anders (as well as all other Polish soldiers in
      Europe under Allied Command);

      - The Polish Institute and Sikorski Museum in London, which has numerous
      hand-written and typed records which, to my knowledge, have not been
      documented - but which has very limited research capabilities as far as I
      *** Can any of our members please document for us what records are held in
      the Sikorski Institute? ***

      There is also an organisation in Poland called the "Fundacja Non Omnis
      Moriar", which also apparently is collecting documentation on the deportees.
      I do not have much information on them, though [perhaps Cass Glodek can
      expand on this for us]. They can be found at
      http://dora.doskomp.lodz.pl/zdrojewski-nom/ or written to at:
      Fundacja Non Omnis Moriar  
      ul. Narutowicza 91b/4 
      90-139 Lódz´ 

      Finally, regarding information on the movements of the Refugees from Persia
      on to temporary camps in Africa, India, and other places, and then onwards
      to England and other resettlement countries, it is possible that records may
      exist with the following organisations:
      - Polish Government in London, Department of Social Welfare, Education and
      Religious Matters ** Are any of these records at the Hoover Institution? ***
      - United Nations Relief & Rehabilitation Agency (which took over refugee
      care after the London government was stripped of recognition in 1945)
      - the International Refugees Organisation (which took over from UNRRA)
      ***Can any of our members help with any information on these bodies and if
      they may have records of the Refugee movements to resettlement countries?

      Many thanks
      Stefan Wisniowski
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