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Re: [Kresy-Siberia] memories of africa

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  • Anna Coates
    Dear Dave, I can understand where your mother is coming from, my mother went through the very same thing, last saw her two brothers when she was 18, today they
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      Dear Dave,
      I can understand where your mother is coming from, my mother went through the very same thing, last saw her two brothers when she was 18, today they are both deceased and my mother lives in South Africa, the only member of her family left. Africa is/was a beautiful country, and I don't think anybody could really have bad memories, we all want to return there someday and hope that it will once again be the land of milk and honey that it once was, I come from Africa, but had to leave my home through no fault on my own, reminded me of my mother having to leave her home and all.
      I sincerely hope your mother can overcome her bad memories and that she will recall some of her happier times in Africa.

      krysdobrzanski <krysdobrzanski@...> wrote:
      Dear Dave,
      Thank you very much for this insight which is undoubtedly expressed directly from your heart.
      When I read the emails in reply to Catriona's posting, I felt immense guilt in expressing my Mum's sentiments of unhappy memories of Africa, as surely it should be viewed that the Tengeru camp in Arusha, Africa saved her life, or at least turned it around  to a situation were food was plentiful and the climate less hostile. However, on reflection I think that our memories (and perceptions of them) are inextricably linked, not just to the physical circumstances at the time but to the psychological turmoil also. In my Mum's case, OK, so she was well fed and had a degree of emotional support but she had just experienced most of her family dying before her eyes, had been forced to leave her mother to die on the Krasnovodsk beach and was separated from her elder brother, who had joined the Junaki. So in essence, Mum was in a totally alien environment and deprived of everything familiar and comforting, perhaps pre-pubescent, and very unsure of the future. I believe Mum associates Africa with utter loneliness and emotional despair, so I should not be surprised that she doesn't want to re awaken these memories.
      With warmest regards,
      Ipswich, UK
      >>>>>>>>From: Dave Lichtenstein
      Dear Catriona and Group  
      Many thanks for your message.   I guess that we are all individuals and as such Africa affects us differently.<<<<<<<<<  

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