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Other media issues

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  • julek2205
    To all: Others have issues with the media. We need to reach out and help each other to make a greater impact as a total Polish community. At the same time we
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      To all:

      Others have issues with the media.

      We need to reach out and help each other to make a greater impact as
      a total Polish community. At the same time we need to have a
      seperate web site dedicated to our own focus.

      I suggest that some join other groups and report to the rest of us
      to see the total Polish picture. There are many sites that only
      write in Polish I can't follow these groups. I would suggest that we
      devide this duty among all of us.


      Dear FOP members, so far, since there's been no resolution with a
      positive outcome on this most sensative topic, I still find the
      resolve to continue to hang on until I see some satisfaction. As
      Polish-Americans, and those of straight Polish ethnicity, we all
      been insulted by the broadcasting media giant, "Tribune
      I'm am just keepint the FOP members 'in the loop' on this topic.
      Rik (Suligowski) Fox
      N. Hollywood, CA.

      Subject: KTLA's endorsment of ethnic Slur
      To: hfishman@...
      CC: metrodesk@..., polishnews@...,
      irene_ujda@..., richpna@...,
      rickkobzi@..., anettka@..., csb@...,
      wayne.boncyk@..., polishartcenter@...,
      michaeldutkowski@..., josephkarcz@...,
      kwidzyn50@..., antnowak@...,
      polishnews@..., len218a@..., elarud@...,
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      ajanda@..., jrjada@..., krystyna.olszewska@...,

      Dear Mr. Fishman,

      I hope you are well, and life sees you equally as well.
      As I understand it, a copy of my letters to both yourself,
      and the KTLA General Management, with regard to KTLA's
      etnic slur against Polish-Americans have been forwarded to
      you, via KTLA reporter, Ms. Lynette Romero. Also, reporter
      Eric Spillman has expressen some modicum of concern over
      this most sensative matter, since it was he, who was
      interviewing his 'man-on-the-street' when the incident
      happened, referring to KTLA weatherman Mr. Mark Kriski, as
      "That Polack Weatherman".

      I was wondering exactly, how long does one have to wait,
      before one sees action, and redress made on such an
      important matter, especially, when a broadcasting giant
      such as KTLA make such an unforgivable error, by allowing
      an ethnic slur to be allowed live, on-air, not only against
      the Polish-Americans of Los Angeles, but Polish citizens
      globally, and nothing is done about it. "WHY NOT"?

      It has come to my attention, that you have a special place
      in your heart for the Polish, and Polish-Americans, and
      have even dated a Polish gal some time ago, and been active
      in several Polish-American community events in the past.

      Why then, is there a very noticable 'tail-dragging' going
      on, in getting KTLA to *finally* issue an on-air apology
      for allowing the derogatory term of "Polack" to go
      I'm rather starting to feel like a Polish version of 'David
      vs. Goliath' here, and, I'll draw your attention how that
      resolved itself...Goliath lost.

      I look forward to your evening editorials, because you
      strike a chord within me as the man who can bring such
      issues before the viewing public, and really make people
      think about those important issues. Why then, can you not
      issue the same concern as I express in my letters, in your
      forum, and have KTLA issue that apology to your
      Polish-American viewers? Why does KTLA's general management
      hold back on dealing with this? Too embarrasing? Or is
      there another 'unspoken' reason, why the media giants won't
      touch anything with a Polish agenda...?

      Unfortunately, at this moment, our Holy Father, Pope John
      Paul II, lies on his deathbed, as the whole world awaits,
      the outcome. Must we suffer his passing, as again, only,
      one more time, to reflect on the Polish-Americans and
      Polish people worldwide, *because* he is Polish?

      When his Holiness was elected Pope, all of a sudden, it was
      "popular to be Polish". How unfortunate it would be, at the
      passing of his Holiness, that some may view this concept
      again, with the same regard. How sad it would be.

      I await the courtesy of your timely reply, and hopeful
      positive outcome with regard to KTLA issuing the apology
      necessary to return the due respect, that is deserved to
      the Polish-Americans whom KTLA has chosen to insult, by
      default, by avoiding this whole affair to go unanswered,
      and uncorrected.

      Sincerely, With Respect,
      Rik (Suligowski) Fox

      President/Founder Suligowski's Regiment of the Polish
      Commonwealth Living History re-enactment group,
      Member, Polish American Congress,
      Member, Polish American Cultural Network

      "Before the beginning of great brilliance, there must be chaos.
      Before a
      brilliant person begins something great, they must look foolish to
      crowd." ---I Ching---

      "To Further the Cause of Polish Historic Awareness" "Poland shall
      perish, so long as we live" ---Polish National Anthem---

      "Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every
      fall." ---Confucious---

      "Good common sense, like logic, just can't be argued with, except,
      emotionally hysterical". ---Rik Fox---

      "You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something,
      sometime in your life." - Sir Winston Churchill
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